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Crashed Jun 13 @ 11:41am 
I had heard it was going to be CEF based when they kill off XP/Vista compatibility.
999999999 Jun 13 @ 9:30am 
New UI supports skins like the old one. Just need to update them for the new UI. Metro is being updated right now.
☢ Jordan ☢ Jun 12 @ 12:12pm 
Have you noticed any issues with legacy support on the new Steam beta client? They added new chat features I believe.
Sebine Jun 9 @ 9:53pm 
If you'd like to discuss That Which Must Not Be Named, add me

Or don't

I'm a Doctor, not a Cop
The Spoopy Kitteh May 30 @ 5:37pm 
May I add you? You seem like a nice person, Crashed.
Crashed May 30 @ 12:51pm 
Thanks for the apology.