Joshua Matthew Rowlands   Norwalk, California, United States
2:38 PM - Costco Hot Dog: so last night i was pwnin
2:38 PM - Costco Hot Dog: and ppl were like
2:38 PM - Costco Hot Dog: "damn this costct hot dog is good"


LAN History:
-1st place Cyberworld Bellflower tournament CS 1.5 2003 5v5 - Team 2DamnL33T
-2nd place Cyberworld Bellflower tournament CS 1.6 2003 5v5 - Team 2DamnL33T
-1st place Cyberworld Bellflower tournament CS:S 2005 5v5 - Team 2DamnL33T
-1st place Cyberworld Bellflower Gunbound tournament 2007 double elimination. Final score: 14-0 - Team 2HOT - d3aDp0oL*
-1st place Cyber Cafe Downey tournament GunGame CS:S 2005 25 players - h0bson*
-2nd place Howies Mission Viejo Intel LAN 2k10 - TF2 6v6 - Team BoNK!
-1st place Intel LAN Sacramento 2k10 - TF2 Pro 6v6 - Team BoNK!
-2nd Place Intel LAN Sacramento 2k11 - TF2 Pro 6v6 / PUG.

-4th Place CEVO-A season 5. 9-3 overall. (Sx2)
-2nd Place TWL divison 1 season 6. unknown overall. (BoNK)
-3rd Place TWL division 1 season 7. 11-3 overall. (EXG)
-1st Place UGC Season 6 PLATNUM. 12-1 overall. (BoNK)
-CEVO-M season 7. (BoNK)
-ESEA-O Season 9 10-6 and 2-2 in playoffs.
-ESEA-O Season 10 14-2 and 2-2 in playoffs. - Immortal 6
-CEVO-M Season 8 Champions undefeated - Immortal 6
-ESEA-O Season 11 12-4 and 4-2 in playoffs - 4th place Immortal Swag
-ESEA-O Season 12 4-12 LAWL - team died mid season
-ESEA-IM Season 13 - Watch the Throne / ESEA-O Evil Lemons - 10-6.
-ESEA-O Season 14 - Crack Clan --- TBA

10:38 AM - My2Cents: i still say you coL.Cranberry would look sexier

2Crisis : hackberry amirite?

Ya Hurd? : cranberry es h4rdc0r3 g4ym3r
9:10 PM - tænj: you dont carry hard enough
[LUE]DanGerous: Wow cranberry, you can stop hacking now.

3:06 PM - vibe.Avree: You do realize how much you carry bonk, right?
3:06 PM - vibe.Avree: should change the team name to Cranberry and the Bonkers!

[The-Hate] Agent_Rage : believe me, im better than you
BöNK.Cranberry es super sexy : lol!
BöNK.Cranberry es super sexy : i bet
chosen one : or download a skill like cranberry
BöNK.Cranberry es super sexy : AHHAHAHA
[The-Hate] Agent_Rage : super impressed by your pocket heals and spam

(Terrorist) luvtoN604 : cranman r u cheating?

vibe.Avree: we finna get cran on our roster
vibe.Avree: u guys ok if we play cran even if he's not rostered?
vibe.Avree: he's ON VIBE
vibe.Avree: HE WEARS THE TAG
[poké] soulhaunter: LOL!!!!
[poké] soulhaunter: WE REPORT YOU
[poké] soulhaunter: KTHXGG
[poké] soulhaunter: tell him to roster up, or is it too late or something
vibe.Avree: too late
vibe.Avree: we finna get admin approval
[poké] soulhaunter: in all seriousness, i'm not gonna make the call on this
[poké] soulhaunter: it's up to our whole team whether we let you play an overpowered carrying demo against the rules

proclone1 : gg crnaberry you SOB SPY :)
Proxy- : cranberry you are my idol
Cranberryman es super sexy : lol

<Woof> The_Big_Dirty (^) : KILL CRANBERRY MAN

*DEAD* Ya Hurd? : cranberry, you are nothing without your medics

Cranberrys Youtube
My Top 10 play of October 2011 - #8
My Moment of Glory!
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Max Sep 15, 2019 @ 12:37pm 
Good and calm teammate
¡ byteframe 🙁 is learned ! May 20, 2019 @ 6:03pm 
| 💛💄🍇🎄⚡📘📕🚙🎁🌂🐛🐟💙👃🎍💃🥞🌳:shyni

He married that Palliard girl, remember? The one with the air-cooled teeth?
(Lords and Ladies)

| 🌂🐟🍧🥗📀💗😺🌸🌏🥒💙💚🌋🚕🎽👑🥗🏀:happysara
Dont Touch Me There Jun 10, 2018 @ 12:09pm 
+rep he is a funny memer hit me up for sex >:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Chris Hansen Nov 18, 2017 @ 9:39pm 
add me
Divio Sep 9, 2017 @ 1:29am 
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