=_TFTB_= Kuregi Mistwood
East Sussex, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
hello guys and gals you have stumbled across my page:steamhappy:
More information on my page:summerghost:

Konnichiwa, Guten tag , Hallo , Hi,

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hello guys and gals you have stumbled across my page

I am an up and coming Youtuber I do youtube streams and I do it as a hobby ,
Currently playing very obscure games for my stream including baloon saga which is a weird but an
Indie game, Also I have been playing overwatch and plan on streaming that and numerous others.
I also own many steam groups if you like them feel free to join them.
I have also taken a liking to warhammer fantasy as well.

Hardcore Gamer ish
Gender Male
Age 27 (still young)

:Pitter3:I do like to make friends and chat i am hardly shy i love a good bit of banter or a conversation
Most of the time i am on here just gaming but my social message thing is always on even on my phone.

Welcome to 2017 I guess it shouldnt be so bad but meh i will try my best on doing the things i wanna do

:Pitter1: When do i reply?: When i am not busy or fancy a bit of a chat sometimes
Also i rather prefer to talk via steam voice chat typing just takes too long meh.

:Pitter5: When dont i reply? quite simply when i am beating the final boss and playing intense button bashing fighting games

I do like the eldar on eternal Crusade they are just awesome

NEW YEARS RESOLUTION IS TO chat to people on steam and make new friends inviting some of my friends and female friends on steam to get into the close circle of friends i have.

Planning on going to japan and enjoy myself and prehaps find true love in japan.

back on the internet but i have full time job i am not on as much

=_TFTB_= Kuregi Mistwood Jun 25 @ 1:07pm 
firing up gmod after many years
Kureirei Apr 29 @ 8:53am 
cheers men
=_TFTB_= Kuregi Mistwood Apr 20 @ 5:21am 
I just liked the avatar
=_TFTB_= Kuregi Mistwood Mar 8 @ 10:53am 
cheers One of my friends got me this wallpaper its a SENRAN KAGURA one
Staz Charlie Blood Mar 8 @ 10:09am 
Nice wallpaper
i got a cheap nekopara one
=_TFTB_= Kuregi Mistwood Mar 7 @ 6:52am