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Hey everyone! Yes i'm a furry why? You thought i had a hair growing disease? OH NO MAYBE YOU ARE RIGHT!
:stnc_warning::stnc_warning::stnc_warning: Check down below before adding me! :stnc_warning::stnc_warning::stnc_warning:

Has moderator/admin experience.
I was a moderator/admin in Furry RP/ERP Club, Furry Friends and Furry Mansion. (Steam group and Discord). Truly love(d) being a mod/admin ^w^.

Dota 2 overwatch report cases done: 105.

55 False
48 True
2 Not enough information.

(Started on 16th of April 2021)

Motto 1: Guilt will take over me, regret will follow, and sorrow will end me.
Motto 2: Anxiety is a demon that likes and lives to feed you with lies.

Happy gaming and stay positive!!
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------------------------------{ Adding / Friend requests information }-------------------------------

:fhappy::fhappy::fhappy: Some friends / people have contacted me and they said "i didn't expect a high steam level user to add/accept me". I can make one promise with you. You have nothing to worry about. Just because i have a high steam level that doesn't mean i am above someone. It's only a level, it has no real meaning to me. Steam levels are only invented to drain wallets and being a show off. So please do not be afraid to add me even tho it may LOOK scary. Thank you for reading and understanding! :fhappy::fhappy::fhappy:

:cupup::cupup::cupup: Everyone is allowed to write me messages at anytime even if i am playing a game. You will not disturb me and you will not annoy me. I will always respond quick with my messages but i could have a little bit of a delay if i am playing PVP or VR games. You are also welcome to ask me at anytime if you want to play a game together! I do not like to ignore people so i will always try to respond back to you as soon as i can. :cupup::cupup::cupup:

:CheckFGP: = You will most likely be accepted.
:pressX: = You won't be added or you may be removed, don't bother trying.
:Qmark: = Extra information. Could be useful to know.

----------------------------{ :CheckFGP: interested in adding :CheckFGP: }--------------------------------------------

Your steam level is at least level 10+.
You wish to be friends with me for chat or gaming purposes.
You wish to be friends with me for ERP or lewd reasons.
You want to add me for collecting reasons? Please let me know so i can nickname you!

---------------------------{ :pressX: This applies to everyone on steam :pressX: }------------------------------

No alt accounts.
No (constant) Drama.
No Gold diggers. (I won't buy items or games for you and do not buy me anything).
No private profiles. End of story.
No trolls. This includes profile picture and profiles.

---------------------------{ :Qmark: Other information :Qmark: }------------------------------------------------

I do not have a problem if you set your status to invisible (offline).
I do not have a problem if you have a VAC BAN.
I do not have a problem if you have bad grammar.
I do not remove people out of my friend list (quickly).
I will know who has silent removed me. You won't escape and YOU WILL BE BLOCKED.
You don't have to talk to me daily and i won't have a problem if you do talk with me daily.
Friend list permanently set on private.

My Fursona and Personality.
My Fursona


Name: Crafozura.

Age: Old.

Gender: Male.

Species: Fox.

Last updated: 02 / 9 / 21.


--------------------------------------{ Fursona Appearance }---------------------------------------


Headshot appearance:

Clothing: (Ranger) Hoodie (Fox ears are above the hoodie).

Hoodie Color: Blue(#279AA1) - Purple(#684774) - Red(#B30051).

Eye Color: Light Blue(#8C95BC).

Nose Color: Light Blue(#8C95BC).

Main Fur Color: Cyan(#00FFFF).

Second Fur Color: Yellow(#FFD800)

Hair style: Partially visible hair that goes down each side of the cheek/neck (below the hoodie and has Hair style color).

Hair Style color: Dark blue hair(#0026FF)

Tattoos: 1 small dagger on each side of the cheek.

Tattoo color: (Entirely) Dark Red (#8b0000)

The color "combination" has a meaning too.
Cyan = Stands for calm.
Yellow = Stands for Energetic, Happiness and Joy.
Dark blue = Stands for Knowledge.
Purple = Stands for Creativity and Mysterious.
Reddish/pink = Stands for Love and Caring.

Body appearance:
(In progress)

Tail Color: Cyan(#00FFFF) with Purple(#684774), has a Yellow tip(#FFD800).

:cure: :cure: :cure: Thank you so much Plyxer for making my Fursona headshot! i am truly loving it and you have done an outstanding job! Thank you very much! Check out his if you are curious for more of his amazing art! Maybe he will draw you something amazing as well like he has drawn mine and many others! Once again thank you very much Plyxer! :cure: :cure: :cure:




------------------------{ :happypug: Positive Personality :happypug: }-------------------------

(naturally) Calm.
Happy(pretty much always).

------------------------{ :poocry: Negative Personality :poocry: }-------------------------

May be evasive / avoiding you if you have been disrespectful towards me.
May be ignoring you if you have been disrespectful towards me.
May act colder than usual if you have been disrespectful towards me.
If my messages are short or doesn't sound too happy. You may have angered me.
The "Dislikes" below is one of the things that you shouldn't do TOO much around me.

------------------------{ :fhappy: Misc Personality :fhappy: }-------------------------

Easy going.
Introvert (Can be extroverted around the right people).

Lewd/Sexual Orientation: Switch and Bisexual.
Relationship Orientation: Bisexual. --- My personality. --- For the naughties. --- For the super naughties.

Attributes: Sharing positive vibes in a conversation. Can be quite random when comfortable.
Likes: Balls, Coffee, Dirty talking, ERP/Lewd stuff, :CQ2PAWS: Feet/Paws :CQ2PAWS:, Gaming, Helping people, Making Steam reviews, Teasing.
Dislikes: Beggars, Cheaters, Liars, Negativity / Too much Drama, Plastic friends, Trolls, Warm sun temperatures*.

------------------------{ :Broh: Other Information :Broh: }-------------------------

Extra info: Loyal in relationships and will never cheat on their partner.
Extra Info 2: I am easy going and has lot of patience with people. Large bucket temper**
Extra Info 3: Lying to me makes it very difficult to keep the friendship going.
Extra Info 4: I can be an angel, which will give all the love, support, fun, help and kindness you deserve... but i can be a demon too if you get on my bad side and you don't want to go there. Trust me. You will noticed when my demon side is "playing" it will show up if you truly have done something wrong/terrible to me. It may eat you apart slowly.. or if you are lucky with brute force.***

* = My anxiety could increase by warmer temperatures, could feel slightly less lewd and could feel more nervous. I am more of an autumn person and a night person as the temperature is a lot cooler.

** = Everyone has their own bucket temper and the water will ONLY increase if you trigger one of the dislikes or burden. If the bucket is full(which SHOULD take a long while) you really did something wrong to me and you will see a totally different side of me. The water will drop overtime and will drop quicker if we had a good time together.

*** = I am not a fool and i will not be your fish on your fishing rod. Don't try to play certain games with me or be a "Plastic friend". Trust me... i will know if you are made out of plastic or someone that is a friend. You will be gone asap once i have found out. I don't have time for those kind of people.

Personality section are both the same for my fursona and the real me.

Which games i am playing and games information
Games information.


I have several games that i like to play. Either alone or multiplayer(randoms or friends). Of course you are always welcome to ask me if you want to play a game together, even if i am already in middle of a game. So feel free to ask! I do not mind if i have to install a certain game!

Down below you will see a small list which games i am currently playing.
Games that are marked with a " :cure: " will always stay on the list.

{ :cure: }

7 days to die.
Bootcamp Fitness.
Dota 2.
Phasmophobia in VR.
Tower Unite.

{ :steamhappy: (Seasonal) Event / Money games :steamhappy: }

CSGO --- Playing or semi afk for hours.
Golf with your friends --- Afk for most parts. 3 drops a day.
Killing Floor 2 --- Mostly only playing during (seasonal) events for the drops.

{ Other games }

Killing Floor 2.
Risk of Rain 2.
Sanctum 2.
The Forest in VR.

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Added cos I wanna make a new furry friend ^w^ :HentaiPaw:
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You are a nice and a great guy to have around, i have honestly loved the time together. Thank you for this. I'm sorry man, i do can send you a re-add if you wishes as i have nothing against you. but i don't feel like i should be hanging on someone's fishing rod "out of the sudden".