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Ickymango1 Jun 23 @ 7:33pm 
Cool Boy Thrash Jun 1 @ 3:02pm 
Ur good it was my fault anyways. I could've made it to the boat before you took off.
Pangilli Jun 1 @ 2:57pm 
I'm so sorry, I legitimately didn't see you. I'm so sorry.
emma Mar 8 @ 3:25pm 
its not black history month anymore, you can fight with him
Cool Boy Thrash Mar 8 @ 3:00pm 
How come you get to ask "what???" but I'm not allowed to answer your question on your page? A bit rude if you ask me, but to answer your question, You plugged on me after losing a match in Tekken 8 and I said "GGs but please don't plug" on your page and you deleted my comment. Am I wrong to think that's a bit disrespectful?
emma Feb 13 @ 8:55am 
its black history month, he can play on whatever graphics settings he wants