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Chances are I'm going to ignore you anyway because you won't have followed my simple guidelines as follows.

Leave a comment why you are adding me, even if I know you and you don't leave a comment I'm going to ignore and block you.
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If you need help with one of my gmodstore scripts then OPEN A SUPPORT TICKET on gmodstore.

If you are having issues with something on one of my servers then make a forum post or join the Discord.

I don't have the room to keep adding people for minor simple issues.

Do not add me for "general chat" because I already have enough people on my friends list.

If you need to contact me then leave a comment or join the forums at: and send me a PM or join the Discord.

Not that hard to follow is it?
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The Commander 9 hours ago 
You would have to ask Phoenix that on his profile. Custom gamemodes are dead because of GayRP.
Flawskyy 10 hours ago 
how much people play the DayZ gmod?
Flawskyy 10 hours ago 
I did but did not get accepted as it is strict and unfortently they cannot unban me :CunningPepeRed: and I can apply in 6 months...
The Commander 11 hours ago 
Make an appeal then?
Flawskyy 12 hours ago 
and I'd be fine waiting 6 months to be unbanned but Forever ban!!?!?!? bruh
Flawskyy 12 hours ago 
but gg $25 usd in scripts xd lost It is alot of money for me and I never saved the scripts xd