Kraut-Land   Germany
:germancross: Go gas yourself :germancross:

Information thingers

XBL : Drunk German

Kik : Venoxz_ <- Edgy drunk_german <- less edgy

Semi-Serious Crap

Never take me serious under any circumstance.

I get triggered pretty easily by social justice warriors.

shut the fuck up ekin.

Strong distaste in Mexicans.

Catch phrase.

People i strongly dislike

Muffin -Forgets how to mod his Warframe.

Arget -Takes for fucking ever to answer.

Samson -Quit fucking making OC's in Fall out 4

SlimeKim -Is Edgier than me.

Kana -A-Sexual Weeb with weird triggers.

Dotly -I still owe him money, fuck off you jew

DasTelefon -Telefonmast

Stalin -Fuck you commie

Robin -I love his Steam avatar

Tolli - Sad cuck :B1:

Devil - Impatient Fuck

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Dishonored Corner
NOTE: This is the result of professional Morons at work, Please do not try this at Home Kids [Also if you're easily offended do not read this]

Carrotcaviar Happy new year!: I think we need to burn him
Combine: Burn who
Combine: Hasbro for MLP ?
Carrotcaviar Happy new year!: That
Carrotcaviar Happy new year!: And Sam for potato salad hate
Carrotcaviar Happy new year!: It's the only option
Combine: Alright ill grab the gas and a lighter
Combine: meet you at his place in 5 minutes.
Carrotcaviar Happy new year!: Already there

Combine Hawking: Fuck you and your Autism
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[DTMP] Don.Bony : finally
[DTMP] Don.Bony : fags
Combine : :^)
Tolli : u r mad cuz u r bad
Combine : ^ tru dat
[DTMP] Don.Bony : sure
[DTMP] Don.Bony : nerd
Tolli : u sux
Combine : rekt
[DTMP] Don.Bony : u have no life dude
[DTMP] Don.Bony left the game (Disconnect by user.

''Hey Combine, The Difference between you and normal Nazis is that you give the Jews a Cup of Tea before you Gas them'' -Tolli

Awkward Tolli and Combine Moment #1
''Hey Combine, Wana know something Funny ? I have no Pants on''

Lugia ルギア : Quickscoping is like scamming, aim fast, Hit and Win :B1:

'Kish: do you work for mafia?
Combine: no
'Kish: liar
'Kish: you probably work for nazi mafia

Awkard Combine and Tolli moment #2
''I Just Changed my Clothes while you were Talking''-Tolli :B1:

''You have the logic of a Shoebox'' -Tolli :B1:

rain: dude im literally drawing dicks with darts using sm_fia
Combine: Oh what the hell :LIS_poker_face:

supreme: if you want people to be wanna read
Combine: "if you want people to be wanna read"
Combine: k
supreme: oh
supreme: to wanna read*
Combine: quote wall
supreme: fuck you

[MNGaming] The_Doctor Dude Love: Kicked The_Doctor Dude Love (Reason: disrespect)

anton002 : don't bring a knife to a robot fist fight

Nixon: i attempted 5 times to spell "ok" and Failed :LIS_poker_face:

Nixon: Why is "Darude - Wankstorm" a TF2 Frag Video ?

Nixon | What is Stealth? Idk.: I've always been sad, i am so sad, disney land employees are instructed to shoot me on sight
Combine: lol,quote wall

Combine: Jesos Crust

Spy Shuffle: i dont even care anymore your a fukcing fagot kid
Player Spy Shuffle left the game (Disconnect by user.)

blübi: How dare you only giving me 9/11 Poin-.. Wait 9/11 Wat?!
Combine: top lel

22:41 - Sarmin: Irgendwann bin ich noch NigNoxin's level

Nixon: "I bet Rain always thinks about Dragon Ball(s)"

"Wait, it's very Anime" - Arget 2015

'Kish: ur beutifuk

Cucumberbine, lvl 12 paladin of trade rawr - Nixon

Surgeon : Me and Combine are wet and wild

BlackEagle : Autismus maximus

sparklytea.part10000 : learn to play you say you are good when you are killing who dont hit you lol you dick
Player sparklytea.part10000 left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Kahali : noob server
Player Kahali left the game (Disconnect by user.)

[Ger]Gemüse Kanibale[Gamer] : only idiots on this server
Player [Ger]Gemüse Kanibale[Gamer] left the game (Disconnect by user.)

23:54 - Sarmin the Wanking: *wink wink, honk honk, nukes Russia*

[Centurio]Sarmin the Wanking : Wanking with Boxing gloves = Ultimate challenge
Combine : ^
Doolittle. : kek
[Holy]The Heavy : Especially with a small dick
Doolittle. : Reality Check

[Holy]The Heavy : I call my dick the train, because of all the smoke it generates. Also because its made of steel


XboxGamer36013 : wtf im frineldy m8

13:32 - Combine. Heil Telefonmast: Would you consider calling yourself a "Weaboo" ?
13:33 - blübi: *googles Weaboo*
13:33 - blübi: no
13:34 - Combine. Heil Telefonmast: k

Doolittle. : the fuck

[HC]mvm pro : combine go suck your own dick
[HC]mvm pro : wow what a bitch
[HC]mvm pro : ok you must be ftp since you kill friendlys
[HC]mvm pro : lol no wounder your killing me XD nice voice changer conbine is kid confirmed
[HC]mvm pro : combine really get a damn life
[HC]mvm pro : i been to prison i baley survived getting raped

18:49 - Arget: I think something about the hentEEEH I MEAN ANIME convention this weekend
18:50 - Combine.: Ah.
18:50 - Combine.: Sweaty dudes dressing up as little girls and rubbing eachothers Dicks.
18:50 - Combine.: i see.
18:50 - Arget: in spain is different
18:50 - Combine.: oh ?
18:50 - Arget: they don't dress up for doing so

Combine.: Doolittle are you planning on doing anything with those Keys?
Samson:What you want to do with those keys is to get... an Australium Penis! with Platnum Balls, and a Cupholder!!!!

23:15 - Arget: combine
23:15 - Arget: can you please send me a pic of you again?
23:15 -Combine: Dude.. what the fuck ?

Cricky™ [ita] : hey you stop?
Victoria Jasmin : Ah its not you, i just hate italians
Combine. : Casual Racism against Italians Confirmed.

FPSNex: whats the best place to fart orokin cells?
Redver: fart them into the void

"Carrotcaviar": Don't be a dick cause you're impossible to deepthroat

Mr.Me0w: guys what do you think about srayn's boobs?
2micha3l: the fuck?
CombineFX: question of the year goes to..
Zyreist: i think they are attached to a warframe i quite enjoy bringing into battle
for its wide area combat effectiveness.
Mr.Me0w: i need saryn For Academical Purpose
Mr.Me0w: on shart FAP
CombineFX: kys


Carrotcaviar: you can suck a dick equal to 2200 platinum
Combine: sure
Carrotcaviar: it's a huge one
Combine: noice
Carrotcaviar: OH IT'S A HUEG ONEH
Combine: EUGH!
Carrotcaviar: AM GONA' RESTLE 'ET

"UUUHH I'm not Banned" "Sír Baguetté" dropped (connection lost) - Robin 2k16
Doolittle. Feb 27 @ 7:23pm 
its been almost 3 years you better come back because you still owe me 20 FUCKING €
'Kish Dec 24, 2017 @ 8:12am 
( `´︶´¯`︶´`´︶︶´*★  ^v^  ┊❅  °☆ .   ☆ :. ☆   
  ) )  ⦅‖ ͇͇ ͇͇▃▇͇͇͌̿̿⌂͇͇▌..* ★  ☆ .   ★ ^v^  ° ❅  ☆ .   ★ ^v^  ° 
__̅̏̏̏̏̋̋̏̏▅̅̏̏̏̋̏_ ╱◥███████╲ ˆ...^v^ ˆˆ︵.︵...^v^︵¸ ❅  ° ╱◥◣  ☆ . * ★ * 
╱◥◣ ◥████◣▓∩▓∩║   MERRY CHRISTMAS & │∩ │◥███◣ ╱◥███◣
│╱◥█◣║∩∩∩ ║╲◥███╲   HAPPY NEW YEAR ╱◥◣ ◥████◣▓∩▓│∩
││∩│ ▓ ║∏ 田║▓ 田田 ▓ ∩║ ii--ii-- 2018 ii--ii--ii--ii │╱◥█◣║∩∩∩ ║◥█▓ ▓█
Doolittle. Oct 24, 2017 @ 8:43am 
Samson Oct 24, 2017 @ 6:19am 
100% not Ded
Combine Oct 24, 2017 @ 6:08am 
you guys r all gey
√_∑L¡†e_€¢Hø–∆º Aug 19, 2017 @ 7:04am