Dani/Col   Maryland, United States
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None Of My Items Are For Sale, Ever.
Important Info Box!
||Basic Stuff||
:Mark_m: I'm Col, whatcha need?
:Mark_m: I don't accept people without a level/with private profiles either, comment or not!
:Mark_m: I don't play WoW or OW anymore, just hit me up if you wanna play FFXIV
:Mark_m: Who's making my icon? My partner or myself cuz I'm bored and usin' cropped art lmao
:Mark_m: I'm in multiple Mr.Paladin videos?? 1 and 2

||More in-Depth Info||
:Mark_m: I'm an adult with a personal life and job, so don't be surprised if I don't respond/am offline a lot!
:Mark_m: I got a fragile heart and I scream a lot! So I'm sorry if we're in voice and I end up screaming!
:Mark_m: I don't really talk first cause I don't like bothering people, so just message me and I'll chat!
:Mark_m: I curse like a sailor, so be ready for that!
:Mark_m: I'm super forgetful due to a lot of head trauma, so I'm sorry if I forgot something you told me!
:Mark_m: If I say no to drawing you something and you hound me, then expect death.

||The most amazing person ever, I love them so much||
:ss2heart: Galaga :ss2heart:

||People I Consider God Tier Friends||
:8bitheart: Shade (Powerful, very kind)
:8bitheart: Doc (Extremely sweet, but will kill you)
:8bitheart: Vynlovan (Aka Peachy Babe)
:8bitheart: Livid (Rad Chick)
:8bitheart: Blake (Bird boi, very nice)
:8bitheart: Sandwich (Himbo Supreme)

||You Got Questions, I Got Answers||
:bot_q: Ever played in a competitive league? I mean, I've got some medals!

:bot_q: Ever been banned? Yeah actually! I was banned from all Merry Band of Misfits and No Heroes' servers for "hacking"! Though I've never actually hacked before and I've been unbanned from No Heroes since everything happened, it's still really funny that it's happened at all!

:bot_q: Who are you?? I've been under the names Sleepy and Colbat!

:bot_q: Why did you invite me to a random trade?? Sometimes I look at people's profiles cause I like to see their hours or for some other reason, and because the profile button and the trade button are so close to each other I might click it by accident! Apologies in advance!

:bot_q: How old are you? Are you even 18? I'm 23! (My birthday is May 27th btw!)

:bot_q: What's your gender? A Threat :SamhainGhost: my pronouns are they/it

:bot_q: Why are some your weapons named after people? They're mine/my partner's characters! We're both artists!

:bot_q: What about the weapons with the lightning bolts in the names? They're all named after songs I like a lot! (Most of them are by the same artist lmao)

:bot_q: Why won't you draw me something that isn't a sketch?! I draw to make sure I have some extra income, so I can't really just hand out pieces that take 10+ hours! Sorry!

:bot_q: Can I pay you any other way besides money? Not at the moment, but I'm thinking about it!

:bot_q: Why did you remove me from your friendslist?? I'll purge it when I think It's getting filled with people I don't talk to a lot! If you want me to add you back though, just hit me up!

:bot_q: How do I know when you're online and I can talk to you?? Oh, Easy! Here!:
Online - Talk all you want! I'm all ears!
Away - Still at the computer, probably just watching a stream! You can still talk!
DND/Do Not Disturb - I'd prefer you didn't talk to me now, I'm working on stuff or I'm vibing with my babe!
Offline - I'm either working or wanting to play solo!

:bot_q: What classes do you main/are the best with? Sniper, Demo, and Soldier!

||Inside Jokes? Inside Jokes||
:BlackStar: I might be trans, but I will ALWAYS be packing more than you!
:BlackStar: If you don't eat your girl out I'm sorry, but you're a damn COWARD.
:BlackStar: Something, something, Leviathan........
:BlackStar: Uncle Cleatus? Is that you?
:BlackStar: Fellas, be honest, is it gay if you both use firecat?
:BlackStar: If we pick Winston we're gonna WIN TONS
:BlackStar: Winston is Dummy Thicc, that's why you take damage when he lands
:BlackStar: Almost all of my assists on my medigun are from pocketing the phlog pyro :)
:BlackStar: I want to measure the skull so I can find out the Chad circumference.
:BlackStar: Wow!! Hippogryph PUSS!
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