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Without getting into an exact recipe, we'll look at how large-scale operations (which are more likely to use a methodical and exact approach to their production) make crystal meth.

If the ephedrine or pseudoephedrine isn't already in pure powder form, then it must be separated from the tablets of cold medicine that contain it. To do this, the cold medicine tablets are mixed with a solvent and the solution is then filtered and exposed to low temperatures to separate and remove the inert material of the tablet.
The pure pseudoephedrine is then mixed with red phosphorus and hydriodic acid.
The red phosphorus is then filtered out (and later reused), and the remaining acid is neutralized by adding a lye solution.
A substance is added that will bind to the meth, and the liquid meth is then drained out.
Hydrogen chloride gas is bubbled through the liquid meth, making it a crystalline hydrochloride salt.
This is poured through a filter cloth, and the meth that is left on the filter is then dried.
Once dry, the meth is "stepped on" (mixed down with inert filler in order to maximize profits), weighed and packaged for shipment or sale.
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