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"Smooth seas don't make good sailors"
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The founder and owner of Star Wolves [starwolves.io]
The founder and former owner of the CLWO [clwo.eu] gaming community.

"Perfection, as in perfect Love, Truth, Bliss, Justice, Goodness and Beauty.
Humanity is at the interface of the spiritual and material world.
Material things are flawed and ephemeral.

So while we are understandably depressed, we take heart in the knowledge that God is not affected by the satanist inferno on earth.
He is not affected by their lies.
God has not been defeated and enslaved. Humanity has.

We can identify with God. We can worship Him.
Those consumed by unreality will meet their fate.
Satanism worships Deceit, Degradation and Death.
Satanism destroys its adherents.

God reigns supreme. Timeless and immutable. The only reality that matters."

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Wruff, nice quote there ^~^:tinder:
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Classy and cute wolfie!
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Amazing person really :GardenSup:
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We them homies alright :B1: