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Hello, I'm Business.
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I'm taken

My Brothers:

✔ August 15th, 2014: Promised Ray I will get him a very very special present.
In non-Steam game
Ranbu Six Seeg
Horny Pastry Puffer

Leafy: Business I feel like you have a noose in a glass casing on your wall
Leafy: and above it a sign that says
Leafy: "In case of Loli break glass"

Chief Breadfish: Business just love your life as the loli magnet

6:32 PM - Business: fellas
6:32 PM - Business: are traps gay?
6:32 PM - Tramo: is the moon made of cheese?
6:32 PM - Business: no
6:32 PM - Business: ahhh shiot
6:32 PM - Business: you got ME
6:32 PM - Tramo: :^)

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Medasian Jul 9 @ 2:42pm 
little bitch
jordan Jun 26 @ 9:20am 
quite possibly
Business Jun 25 @ 11:21pm 
Bluestar Jun 25 @ 10:14pm 
wait, business is a dog?? ?
jordan Jun 25 @ 4:30pm 
r u a dog
jordan Jun 25 @ 4:26pm 
ur a nugget:corncob: