Welcome to my profile! :Mayu:
Before add me make sure read this:

:spacemarinecrosshair: :_Diamond_: :_Square_: :_Diamond_: :_Square_: :_Diamond_: :_Square_: :_Diamond_: :_Square_: :spacemarinecrosshair: English :spacemarinecrosshair: :_Diamond_: :_Square_: :_Diamond_: :_Square_: :_Diamond_: :_Square_: :_Diamond_: :_Square_: :spacemarinecrosshair:

1. I know all types of scamming, so don't waste my and your time.
2. Do not ask for free items - I won't give you them.
3. I will never add and block you, if your profile/inventory is private and you have VAC ban.
4. I will never accept lowballs/highballs, and as a result - block.
5. I know item's market price
6. If you decline my rules - you will be deleted/blocked.

:spacemarinecrosshair: :_Diamond_: :_Square_: :_Diamond_: :_Square_: :_Diamond_: :_Square_: :_Diamond_: :_Square_: :spacemarinecrosshair: Русский :spacemarinecrosshair: :_Diamond_: :_Square_: :_Diamond_: :_Square_: :_Diamond_: :_Square_: :_Diamond_: :_Square_: :spacemarinecrosshair:

1. Я знаю все способы обмана людей, так что не тратьте моё и своё время.
2. Не просите меня дать вам что-нибудь просто так - я никогда этого не сделаю.
3. Я никогда вас не добавлю и заблокирую, если ваш профиль или инвентарь скрыт, и имеет VAC бан.
4. Я никогда не соглашусь с вашими неравноценными предложениями, и как результат - я вас заблокирую.
5. Я знаю рыночную стоимость предметов.
6. Если вы не применяете эти правила - вы будете удалены и заблокированы.
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:GreenArrow: :surprise: If you want to add me to your friend list and I don't know you, please leave a comment in the comment section below and write the reason why you're adding me.

:GreenArrow: :surprise: Do not add me to any Steam Groups because I will ignore any Steam Group invitation and I will probably delete you from my friend list.

:GreenArrow: :surprise: I don't accept friend requests from vac, trade banned, private or under level 3 profiles. Unless I know you, do not consider adding me if you're not matching the requirements.

:surprise: There can be exceptions, if we have experience in a joint game :HappyPugmas: :surprise:

:deadm_saw: Trade Link:
:deadm_saw: Profile Link:

:_Square_: Bans and restrictions :steamsad:

:teslaeffect: Game Bans - In good standing :ok_ay:
:teslaeffect: VAC Bans - In good standing :ok_ay:
:teslaeffect: Community Ban - In good standing :ok_ay:
:teslaeffect: Trade Ban - In good standing :ok_ay:

:ar_pill: About Bans and restrictions there:

:spacemarinecrosshair: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive :spacemarinecrosshair:

:shangurmagic: Rank: Supreme
:shangurmagic: Main Role: Sniper
:shangurmagic: Main Maps: Cache, Inferno, Mirage

:dustpan: CS:GO Launch Options:
-console -novid -nojoy -nosync -full -freq 75 -threads 2 -high -heapsize 1572864 +mat_queue_mode 2 -language bananagaming -nod3d9ex +cl_updaterate 128 +cl_cmdrate 128 +rate 128000 -tickrate 128 -noforcemspd -noforcemaccel -processheap
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