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Frapa Pc Gaming Jul 20 @ 8:11pm 
Hey thnx for accepting!i love your videos and horror playthroughs!Keep up the good work! :tinyBFlex2:
lrags69 Jul 7 @ 5:47pm 
Love your videos. I listen to them at work to help me focus on detail work. You can make me bust out laughing and no one knows why. Thank you!!
lostkunoichi Mar 7 @ 12:19am 
Hay thanks for accepting, love watching your vids especially terribad horror ones. Your awsome, keep it up!!!
Outcast Feb 21 @ 4:00pm 
Just stopping by looking any hours logged for Dead Space 2! I really enjoyed your Dead Space lets play can't wait for the sequal. Best Lets player, thank you (again) for countless hours of entertainment.
grat3fulh3ad Feb 18 @ 3:40pm 
Oh I'm not sure how I could forget these, The Metro series! By far some of CJU's best content!
grat3fulh3ad Feb 18 @ 3:38pm 
Greatest channel on YouTube. Friendly, funny, informative, creative, exciting and comforting commentaries and gameplay. I highly recommend his channel to anyone looking for gameplay videos that are different and so enjoyable to watch. Stand outs include : Eternal Darkness, Max Payne, Bioshock, Dead Space, The Evil Within and Resident Evil 7. He also does many Independent games and point 'n click adventures, all of which he makes fun to watch. You would be hard pressed to find a better content creator, especially one who usually focuses on the horror genre!