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Personal Achievements

First level

Complete first level of campaign

First level hard

Complete first level on hard difficulty

First level extreme

Complete first level on extreme difficulty

Second level

Complete second level of campaign

Second level hard

Complete second level on hard difficulty

Second level extreme

Complete second level on extreme difficulty

Third level

Complete third level of campaign

Third level hard

Complete third level on hard difficulty

Third level extreme

Complete third level on extreme difficulty

Fourth level

Complete fourth level of the campaign

Fourth level hard

Complete fourth level on hard difficulty

Fourth level extreme

Complete fourth level on extreme difficulty

Fifth level

Complete fifth level of the campaign

Fifth level hard

Complete fifth level on hard difficulty

Fifth level extreme

Complete fifth level on extreme difficulty

Secret one

Find first secret

Secret two

Find second secret

Secret three

Find third secret

Secret four

Find fourth secret

Secret five

Find fifth secret

Secret six

Find sixth secret

Secret seven

Find seventh secret

Secret eight

Find eighth secret

Secret nine

Find ninth secret

Secret ten

Find tenth secret

Secret eleven

Find eleventh secret

Secret twelve

Find twelfth secret

Secret thirteen

Find thirteenth secret

Secret fourteen

Find fourteenth secret

Secret fifteen

Find fifteenth secret

Secret sixteen

Find sixteenth secret

Secret seventeen

Find seventeenth secret

Secret eighteen

Find eighteenth secret

Secret nineteen

Find nineteenth secret

Secret twenty

Find twentieth secret

Secret twenty one

Find twenty first secret

Secret twenty two

Find twenty second secret

Secret twenty three

Find twenty third secret

All secrets on level 1

Find all secrets on level 1

All secrets on level 2

Find all secrets on level 2

All secrets on level 3

Find all secrets on level 3

All secrets on level 4

Find all secrets on level 4

All secrets on level 5

Find all secrets on level 5

All enemies on level 1

Kill all enemies on level 1

All enemies on level 2

Kill all enemies on level 2

All enemies on level 3

Kill all enemies on level 3

All enemies on level 4

Kill all enemies on level 4

Al enemies on level 5

Kill all enemies on level 5

Shotgun trials

Defeat tribes after picking shotgun

Guys from the cave

Deal with guys from cave near the road

Town center meeting

Kill enemies near the town center

Last guard

Defeat last group of enemies before the temple

Close frictions

Defeat group of enemies at sector 1

Green rune guards

Deal with guards of the green rune

Bood chamber

Kill all enemies in the blood chamber

Bunker guards

Defeat enemies near the bunker entrance

Rockets everywhere

Deal with jetpack squad

Rock boss

Kill the rock boss


Pick up shotgun


Pick up dynamite


Pick up mp40

Grenade launcher

Pick up grenade launcher

Maximum health

Upgrade player health to maximum

Maximum armor

Upgrade player armor to maximum

Maximum speed

Upgrade player speed to maximum

Maximum ammo

Upgrade player ammo capacity to maximum

Maximum energy

Upgrade player energy to maximum

Survival wave 1

Complete wave 1 in survival

Survival wave 3

Complete wave 3 in survival

Survival wave 6

Complete wave 6 in survival

Survival wave 10

Complete wave 10 in survival

Survival wave 12

Complete wave 12 in survival

Survival wave 15

Complete wave 15 in survival

Survival wave 17

Complete wave 17 in survival

Survival wave 20

Complete wave 20 in survival

Survival wave 22

Complete wave 22 in survival

Survival wave 25

Complete wave 25 in survival

Survival wave 27

Complete wave 27 in survival

Survival wave 30

Complete wave 30 in survival

Survival wave 32

Complete wave 32 in survival

Survival wave 34

Complete wave 34 in survival

Survival wave 36

Complete wave 36 in survival

Survival wave 38

Complete wave 38 in survival

Survival wave 40

Complete wave 40 in survival

Survival wave 41

Complete wave 41 in survival

Survival wave 42

Complete wave 42 in survival

Survival wave 43

Complete wave 43 in survival

Survival wave 44

Complete wave 44 in survival

Survival wave 45

Complete wave 45 in survival

Survival wave 46

Complete wave 46 in survival

Survival wave 47

Complete wave 47 in survival

Survival wave 48

Complete wave 48 in survival

Survival wave 49

Complete wave 49 in survival

Survival wave 50

Complete wave 50 in survival

Novice survivor

Achieve novice rank in timed survival

Apprentice survivor

Achieve apprentice rank in timed survival

Fighter survivor

Achieve fighter rank in timed survival

Experienced survivor

Achieve experienced rank in timed survival

Veteran survivor

Achieve veteran rank in timed survival


Achieve deathbringer rank in timed survival


Achieve unstoppable rank in timed survival


Achieve godlike rank in timed survival

Big boom

Kill 4 enemies with 1 dynamite explosion

Two for the price of one

Kill 2 enemies with 1 shotgun shot

Secret twenty four

Find twenty fourth secret

Secret twenty five

Find twenty fifth secret

Secret twenty six

Find twenty sixth secret

Secret twenty seven

Find twenty seventh secret

Secret twenty eight

Find twenty eighth secret

All enemies on level 6

Kill all enemies on level 6

All secrets on level 6

Find all secrets on level 6

Complete level 6

Complete sixth level

Complete level 6 hard

Complete sixth level on hard difficulty

Complete level 6 extreme

Complete sixth level on extreme difficulty

Defeat second boss

Defeat second boss

Energy Blasts

Destroy 50 energy balls with pistol in the boss fight

Secret twenty nine

Find twenty ninth secret

Secret thirty

Find thirtieth secret

Secret thity one

Find thirty first secret

Secret thirty two

Find thirty second secret

All enemies on level 7

Kill all enemies on level 7

All secrets on level 7

Find all secrets on level 7

Complete level 7

Complete seventh level

Complete level 7 hard

Complete seventh level on hard difficulty

Complete level 7 extreme

Complete seventh level on extreme difficulty

Secret thirty free

Find thirty third secret

Secret thirty four

Find thirty fourth secret

Secret thity five

Find thirty fourth secret

Secret thirty six

Find thirty sixth secret

All enemies on level 8

Kill all enemies on level 8

All secrets on level 8

Find all secrets on level 8

Complete level 8

Complete eighth level

Complete level 8 hard

Complete eighth level on hard difficulty

Complete level 8 extreme

Complete eighth level on extreme difficulty

Complete the game

Complete main campaign on any difficulty

Complete the game on hard

Complete main campaign on hard difficulty

Complete the game on extreme

Complete main campaign on extreme difficulty