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Life teaches only those who study it!

All items collected

Adventures only happen if you go to places you shouldn't!

Puzzle complete

The best tactic is a combination of cunning, speed, and strategy!

15-card combo

You've become more powerful. Terrified enemies make way for you now!

All amulets purchased

Money is freedom, and freedom is life!

Earn 20.000 coins

You won't lose as long as you believe that you're going to win!

All puzzles collected

Every obstacles is just an opportunity to get stronger!

The world is finished with 3 stars

Courage is the exclusive property of real knights!

Abilities of the Knight is used 15 times

The power of nature is great!

Abilities of the Wood Goblin is used 15 times

You are reliably protected by the stone sentinel!

Abilities of the Golem is used 15 times

No matter how fast the dragon flies, it matters how fast you run!

Abilities of the Dragon is used 10 times

Only those who believe in magic will get boundless power over reality!

Abilities of the Sorceress is used 10 times

The tougher the battle, the more meaningful the victory!

All beans collected

Your Majesty, if you give up without trying, the results won't change!

All levels with 3 stars