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Personal Achievements

Training Day

Finish the tutorial

Beginner's Luck

Win your first match

Thundergods HOOOO!

Equip a weapon in the Armory


Finish a match while in a party

Tough as Steel

Win 10 matches
0 / 10


Compete in 20 matches
0 / 20

Down to the Wire

Win a match in overtime


Win a game without the opposing team scoring

Thor's Chosen

Get 3 kills without dying and receive Thor's blessing

Bush League

Score your first thrown goal

Rookie Runner

Score your first run goal

Go the Distance

Score in overtime


Kill 10 enemies in a single match

Killing Machine

Rack up a total of 100 kills
0 / 100


Score 100 running goals
0 / 100

By Odin's Arm

Score 100 throwing goals
0 / 100

Candy From Babies

Score withing 30 seconds of the match start


Win a game at the last moment for your team.