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Fuck my life, can't save that, girl.
Don't tell me you can save that shit!
     -Lil peep 🖤
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I_see_sandvich Apr 21 @ 4:26pm 
*insert payday 2 basic voices spam here*
Ꮢigbino Apr 13 @ 10:10am 
accept you little freak of nature
Sharunas Mar 14 @ 6:46am 
The more suicidal people, the less suicidal people.
Gym Lad John Mar 6 @ 10:05am 
your mother and father gay together
Cody Mar 6 @ 9:59am 
Gym Lad John Mar 6 @ 9:55am 
i heard that your mother has the gay, how very unfortunate i was hopping to smash that shizzle but now i will have to rape. have a good day sir