haha u wish   California, United States
i made a HUD check it out here: cibaHUD []

also take a took at my YOUTUBE

I stream @:

Trade Offer Link:

see, what I did there was circumnavigate the pythagorean theorem, a² + b²= they're gettin fucked - Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert
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:) 1月10日 19時10分 
I hate my job 2019年12月7日 14時11分 
+rep thank you for the hud, this game finally feels comfy
rambles 2019年11月28日 8時28分 
nvm i found it in your hud ty
rambles 2019年11月28日 8時20分 
hey dude howd u get the inventory to look like that. the loadout of the characters
(alias) Snapple Gang lama 2019年8月20日 8時48分 
Hey you made a REALLY good hud on

just wanted to tell you.

good vibes
pn_ 2019年8月14日 16時22分 
I added you to give you a couple sgares stickers but I forgot I don't have them anymore so I cancel :(