Oklahoma, United States
Former staff member of Potato's Custom MvM Servers. Please comment why you're adding me.

Note: I only accept friend requests if there's been a moderate amount of interaction between us before, such as through accidentally™️ getting into the same casual match multiple times or if you're a regular in the servers I'm in; your friend request is not guaranteed to be accepted either way.

I am not a trader! Most of my stuff isn't for sale due to most of my valuable items being gifts by my friends or having some other form of extremely sentimental value. So please don't add me regarding trading unless I do happen to list things somewhere on sites like

Profile picture is my character. I'm a furred dragon.
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Welcome to Newfolk! Bloodlust is an original-layout Halloween MvM map. Take to this remote camping/logging ground, where a ritual has taken place on Mann Co company grounds. While it's surely not safe to be aro
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Created by - Startacker! and Ciaran
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Furred dragons are the best.
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adding for friend from match we played together
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