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There is a game in the back of every gamer's mind, festering, waiting to claw it's way out. An idealistic title, that the world simply isn't ready for. The time is now, joystick warrior. You enter your garage, walk past your rarely driven Delorian and face your greatest challenge. Creating the ultimate game, the one game that will put your company on the map, and change gaming history forever.

Game Dev Tycoon is the vehicle that will deliver you to your ultimate game creation fantasies, and does so brilliantly. As with all great indie developers, your journey begins modestly in the comfort of your garage. Though hours later, you may find yourself in a modern office, with a full staff maintaining the worlds greatest MMORPG. From reviews, to sales charts, this title takes you through every step in the process, for better or for worse. Gone are the days of complex simulations, streamlined and simple, Game Dev Tycoon delivers a casual, yet complete experience.

Do not let buzzwords like casual fool you though, I was still able to extract roughly eight hours of much needed escapism from this game, and had an absolute blast doing it. This game takes the addicting game-play at the core of every tycoon game and presents it in a fresh, easy to swallow, manner. Not to mention stuffed full of personality, gaming history, and love. What else would you expect from a developer by the name of Green Heart Games?

From R&D, to marketing campaigns and creating your own console, this game runs the gamut of the video game industry from past, to present, and beyond. Can you steal market-share from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4? Or will your company go bankrupt trying to launch your next-gen MMO? It all comes down to your elite, or not so elite, management skills.


Overall this is a great title, and well worth the spare change you will spend on it. Polished graphics, straight forward, but challenging game-play are hard at work here. Complimented by great tone and sense of humor. Any hardcore gaming fan will love this tile. Though, buyer beware, this game WILL take many hours away from tending to your humanly duties. You might want to consider using that sick day you've been saving up for that next Call of Duty launch.

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BloodMachine 14 jun, 2015 @ 22:18 
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GUARborg 14 jun, 2015 @ 21:32 
I hear J man likes chicken nuggs.