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PLEASE READ BEFORE sending friend request.

Hello everyone, my Steam Friendslist is getting full. Post a comment on my page if it says Error Adding Friend and let me know how you found me. I will be able to see you on a new list. Or chat with me. Lets play some games. We can all be friends. I am open to trades depending on the situation.

And Please:
1. Don't ask me to buy you games or for free items!
2. No spam!
3. No asking for personal info!

-Rockbone(CupCopter): Could you please buy me BattleBlock Theater? Its the only game I want. Please bro. You are from USA and rich. Look at all your games.
-KoRvA - AvRoK: Hey dude do you mined buying me 1 finger death punch? Please I really want it.
-Korva Veari | Iraev Avrok: Hey will you buy me killing floor? and we can play together
-Quinotorious: Could you buy me Goat Simulater? Dude, its 4 bucks. Please im broke.
-Erenyttss: Please gift me Grand Theft Auto 5. ♥☺

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Ra's Alghul Feb 17 @ 11:18am 
Trade Your CS:GO Cases For Keys! 4 Cases = 1 Key! {LINK REMOVED}
ChrisSHREDZ Jan 21 @ 11:00pm 
That is a great game.
Maybe we can get a Haunted Hells Reach co/op game going another time, just invite.. till then .:ironfist::ironfist:
Thanks for the invite new friend, nice to meet you:gordon::ninja::vikinghs:
ChrisSHREDZ Jul 23, 2017 @ 11:01pm 
Co Op Gaming. Hit us up
NachoMan4200 May 28, 2017 @ 10:07pm 
It works. The ship is kinda cool. thanks bro