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My whole life is a certified hood classic
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L1nk Jan 25 @ 10:49am 
Actually we're just friends. Sorry that you have so little, if ANY friends that you can't tell the difference.
Akuma Jan 25 @ 10:42am 
-rep toxic 'VIP' who kept kicking me like a sperg when i called out their boyfriend for hacks
dya Jan 21 @ 10:36pm 
Fox_Lover Dec 6, 2022 @ 3:33pm 
Touch grass, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ :elprezflag:
Lexie ♥ Nov 29, 2022 @ 3:51pm 
mmm demoman
L1nk Nov 23, 2022 @ 11:08pm 
I main demoman