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Ka-Boom Banana: Czosnek to pasjans i buc. No ale ta dupa, ja pierdole.
Jebediah Kerman is best pone.
the game

Onion's hall of fame

"You are the primary polefag"
"I kept waiting for the tentacle rape, but then i rememberd it was a kids show."
"I may be American, but I'm japanese at heart"
"If I choke on soup, I'm retarded and deserve it"

~The MadOnion

The MadOnion: sims 3 makes my fucking video card sound like its gonna take off

The MadOnion: Grandma still fucking tells me to get off the internet when she wants to use phone cause of that bullshit

The MadOnion: If you ever need a murican for anything
The MadOnion: Dont ask me

The MadOnion: Cooking dinner while I have been up for 32 hours
The MadOnion: we are gonna die

The MadOnion: if I was to kill myself. I would do it in a more classy way than hanging.
The MadOnion: Like death by cock

The MadOnion: You live in fucking poland dude
The MadOnion: you like
The MadOnion: the murica of EU
The MadOnion: Nice central location
The MadOnion: so you have a bit of everything
The MadOnion: Eu to your left
The MadOnion: Russia and all them other assholes to right
The MadOnion: terrorist below you
The MadOnion: People that made my furniture above

<ckx> women ask for it
<ckx> they act all old and mature
<ckx> and then you stick your cock up their ass
<ckx> and they get all bitchy
<ckx> "I"M ONLY 13, I'M ONLY 13!!!"
The Mad Onion: yeah
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The Great Wall of Shit
Chosnuk: a nie te animu o bracie i siostrze co się hajtają na końcu?
Ka-Boom Banana™: a to o dziwo dobre było
Ka-Boom Banana™: ~ Bumberd Gazbrowicz z zawodu pedofil 2017

Ka-Boom Banana™: o nie biednego chopca będą walić w sześciu
Ka-Boom Banana™: akurat bez spodni jestem
Ka-Boom Banana™: zw

電子タバコ: paliłeś kiedyś e-cigarte?
Chosnuk: a nie
電子タバコ: to tak samo jakby chuja ciągnąć
Chosnuk: skąd wiesz
Chosnuk: hue
電子タバコ: bo ciągne druty i pale e cigy

Komar: leszczu
Komar: kurwa
Chosnuk: mape robie do giemoda
Komar: nerd
Chosnuk: a ty to nawet nerdem nie jesteś
Chosnuk: jesteś nikim
Komar: WIEM

Chosnuk: tyle sie tej pizzy najadłem że mogę grać przez 24h bez przerwy
SUSA: jednak jesteś bratem kuby bo on też ma takie teksty

Besilk: Trump win
Besilk: Won
Besilk: Its all over
Besilk: Meme warfare is over
Besilk: We got our guy into the rascist house

Chosnuk: komar komar pokaż rogi
Chosnuk: dam ci sera na pierogi
Komar: IĆ
Komar: OMG

Natriuszka: Nie jestem zadna meksykanką. Wpuscisz mnie do siebie?
Natriuszka: Chyba ze ja mam Ciebie wpuscic do siebie
Natriuszka: Lenny face

Besilk: i touched a willy in high school once and it was just a lil mistake

Sparrow: animu ssie

The MadOnion: cops shooting blacks
Chosnuk: lol
The MadOnion: thats k

The MadOnion: cops in my area are usually alright
The MadOnion: but you know
The MadOnion: Im white

Chosnuk: i deem goat mom fuckable by law
Serious Maggot: ☑
Serious Maggot: Ahmed likes this

The MadOnion: she's doing depressiong wrong man
The MadOnion: you sleep more
The MadOnion: you live less
The MadOnion: simple shit
The MadOnion: when I was depressed
The MadOnion: ass I did was sleep
The MadOnion: sleept 12 hours a day

The MadOnion: real life I take time to actually look at what I typed before i hit enter
Chosnuk: i hope you do
Chosnuk: at least on job resumes
Chosnuk: lol
The MadOnion: hahaha
The MadOnion: just imagined
The MadOnion: me replaceing words
The MadOnion: like all
The MadOnion: with ass in resume
Chosnuk: onions resume:
Chosnuk: I dose work hard
The MadOnion: hahaha fuck you
The MadOnion: I laughed hard to
Chosnuk: I know ass ways to do my work
Chosnuk: lol
The MadOnion: asslotta

The MadOnion: you can be a massive fucking faggot
The MadOnion: but
The MadOnion: I agree with you 100% on this

Sparrow: "If two men cheeki breeki each other, they shall be stoned"

Besilk: suggest me some game
Besilk: im bored
Chosnuk: i just finished talking with a retarded fag
Chosnuk: and another one shows up
Chosnuk: god damnit
Besilk: no u

Chosnuk: cya sun
Chosnuk: have a nice day
Chosnuk: at werk
The NewYear Onion: I wont
Chosnuk: alrighty then lol
The NewYear Onion: CUstomer last shift: is hotsauce hot?
Chosnuk: "no"
Chosnuk: later on the shitter
Chosnuk: "HE LIED TO ME"
The NewYear Onion: wanted to strangler her and make sure she didint polluite gene pool

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Serious Maggot Nov 12, 2018 @ 11:56pm 
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Pietrek Jul 24, 2018 @ 3:53pm 
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