Ryan   League City, Texas, United States
breathing in fumes
Left 4 Dead 2
MVM Garbage and trading:
Steel Trap:
Tour 9: Blutsauger
Tour 26: Knife
Tour 72: Force-A-Nature

Mecha Engine:
Tour 4: Force-A-Nature
Tour 123: Minigun
Tour 134: Axtinguisher
Tour 142: Minigun
Tour 147: Knife
Tour 258: Grenade Launcher

Two Cities:
Tour 87: Black Box
Tour 173: Axtinguisher
Tour 179: Scattergun
Tour 272: Medi Gun
Tour 333: Rocket Launcher
Tour 356: Rocket Launcher
Tour 362: Tomislav
Tour 384: Frontier Justice
Tour 441: Blutsauger

Gear Grinder:
Tour 113: Ambassador

Notable Professional Killstreaks:
Tour 31: Rocket Launcher
Tour 35: Rocket Launcher
Tour 4#: Rocket Launcher (Dont remember which tour exactly)
Tour 7#: Panic Attack
Tour 176: AWPer Hand
Tour 194: Knife
Tour 205: Flame Thrower
(idc about prof ks anymore)

I am not an active trader, bare with me if there is a time discrepancy because i am both working a full time job and attend college, i always leave room for key negotiations, but will never under any circumstance accept item overpay trades.

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