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I walked with eve through the garden
Where the flowers grow out of control
She got bitten by a two headed snake
She laughed as she bled gold
I told her I'd build her a slaughterhouse of her very own
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I went into this game with many expectations, first off, I was a huge fan of DONTNOD's previous title Life Is Strange (I have not yet played Remember Me as of the time I am writing), I enjoyed the quality narrative they provided and the way they dealt with choice and consequences by letting you view different options before commiting to them. Secondly, the setting of Vampyr attracted me from the start, dark, but modern, and obviously: vampires. I did not know what to expect of the gameplay but the story aspect already had me hooked.
So, did the game meet my expectations?
Let's get on to that matter.
From the very beginning, you are immersed in the story, go on to meet a large cast of NPCs, have plenty of dialogue options with them to find out who they are and what they do, you can even pry on them or collect hints from dialogue or journals and letters scattered around London. I absolutely love story rich games and I was not let down on this aspect and the brilliant, well fleshed-out NPC system.
As I mention the NPCs, most of them will give you a side quest (or sometimes be discovered through one), I have to admit I did not finish all of the side quests in my first run (one of which I failed, another requiring collectibles I couldn't seem to find for the life of me, but a full collectibles run will be in order later). The game is filled to the brim with story and lore to read and collect, giving life to its dark yet vibrant universe.
The city itself is full of nooks and crannies to explore and features a hub-based open world which you get to unlock as the story progresses and sends you to new districts. You may have access to some places from the get go and find yourself underleveled as soon as you encounter an enemy, a clear sign that this area will come into play later in the game.
Now on to the choice and consequence system, it is the polar opposite of Life Is Strange, this game autosaves at every turn, forcing you to carefully think before committing to your choices, I admit that some of them did NOT turn out the way I expected AT ALL, and make me want to replay the game with different choices this time. In the end though, I was able to get the ending I wanted so all was good, but mistakes were definitely made both navigating dialogue options and turning points of the story.
And finally, we have the combat, I had heard that this game would offer you the option to do a complete pacifist run, and I must say, that is not entirely true, yes, you can spare all the NPCs, but the enemies have to be killed in order to progress the story, as was made clear when I tried to find a way out from the warehouse in the very beginning and the door would not open until I slaughtered all the guards. I expected more of a Deus Ex/Thief/Dishonored approach, but instead got something I found more akin to The Witcher, where you acquire new weapons and upgrade parts for them, or get to craft serums to replenish your health, stamina or blood meter in combat. The combat system is pretty basic and is not too hard to learn, though you may face some tough enemies depending on your in-game choices.
Overall, what DONTNOD Entertainment have delivered here is a really solid RPG with deep lore and a serviceable combat system. I would definitely recommend it to people who are invested into story-focused games.

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