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A Hong Kong player who loves playing PC games.

Hobbies: Gaming , Editing (lyrics) , Music and Home Cinema

My Favourite Anime Singers
ClariS , 分島花音 , プラズマジカ , 鹿乃 , LiSA, Poppin' Party, Roselia, Pastel*Palettes , Aqours , Fhana

My Favourite Anime
ニセコイ, がっこうぐらし!,ご注文はうさぎですか? , 干物妹!うまるちゃん , ラブライブ! School idol project, ガヴリールドロップアウト

My Favourite Songs
しゅわりん☆どり~みん - Pastel*Palettes
1000回潤んだ空 - Poppin' Party
Don't Cry - ClariS
adrenaline!!! - Trysail

My Edited Lyrics List
はじめてのSEASON [www.viewlyrics.com] - 純情のアフィリア
Another World [www.viewlyrics.com] - A応P
ベィビィバード!~ガクエンロジック~ [www.viewlyrics.com] - リオネス・エリストラートヴァ(CV.朝日奈丸佳)、ニーナ・アレクサンドロヴナ(CV.山村響)、京橋万博(CV.高森奈津美)
One In A Billion [www.viewlyrics.com] - Wake Up, May'n!
教えてダーウィン [www.viewlyrics.com] - ピュアリーモンスター
君の住む街 [www.viewlyrics.com] - fhana
Hello!My World [www.viewlyrics.com] - fhana
羽ばたきのバースデイ [www.viewlyrics.com] - Baby’s breath [五島潤・紅葉谷希美・金城そら]
世界の果て [www.viewlyrics.com] - 河野万里奈
STAR BEAT! ~ホシノコドウ~ [www.viewlyrics.com] - Poppin'Party
キラキラだとか夢だとか ~Sing Girls~ [www.viewlyrics.com] - Poppin'Party
Happy Happy Party! [www.viewlyrics.com] - Poppin'Party
Trip Trip Trip [www.viewlyrics.com] - ORESAMA
Edelweiss [www.viewlyrics.com] - 亜咲花
BUTTERFLY EFFECTOR [www.viewlyrics.com] - TRUE
パスパレボリューションず☆ [www.viewlyrics.com] - Pastel*Palettes
しゅわりん☆どり~みん [www.viewlyrics.com] - Pastel*Palettes
プ・レ・ゼ・ン・ト [www.viewlyrics.com] - 下地紫野
せかいが終わるまえに [www.viewlyrics.com] - 下地紫野

Music Player - PC
Foobar2000 with DSD AMP + ASIO + minilyrics plugin

Movie Player - PC
MPC-HC + madVR (extreme setting) + SVP 4 (60 FPS)

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OS : Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
CPU: Intel i7 4770 3.4 ghz
Motherboard: ASUS H87 PRO
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Display Card / VGA : Gigabyte GTX 1080 Ti Gaming OC GDDR5X 11GB
HDD: SEAGATE Barracuda 2TB
WD Black 4TB
SEAGATE Barracuda 4TB
SSD: Samsung 750 Evo 250gb
CPU Cooler : Corsair H100i
Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster ZXR
Case Fan : Corsair SP120 X 3 , Corsair AF140 x1
Mouse : Razer Deathadder Chroma
Mouse Pad : Razer Firefly Cloth edition
Keyboard: Corsair Vengeance K70 (Cherry MX RED)
Monitor : Dell U2515H
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中文 (香港):

SQUAD 是Battlefield 2 (2005) 時代的PROJECT REALITY MOD (PR MOD) 班底開發下的獨立遊戲,本作現階段還是Early Access,但是相比下其他Early Access 遊戲內容已經十分足夠。本作與PR MOD 玩法是相同,SQUAD LEADER 小隊隊長 (SQUAD LEAD) 是一個擔當十分重要角色的人,有沒有足夠的重生點,有什麼資源都好,全部都是關於SQUAD LEADER, 所以不建議任何新手 和 不能與國際語言(英文)溝通的人可做小隊長。 溝通是這個遊戲的精髓,如果沒有溝通你根本上連如何玩都不知道,你只會在戰場上突然被射殺,然後就會離開遊戲,所以SQUAD 也是一個遊戲可以讓你與外國人溝通,學習英語。

遊戲中也有載具和兵種,每個兵種都可以擔當不同的角色,最重要的角色就是MEDIC (醫護兵),他是一名終極RESPAWNER, 如果醫護兵能夠做到他的工作,你的小隊將會成為一隊不會浪費任何TICKET (兵力) 的小隊並能夠讓隊伍獲得最後勝利。

最後,這個遊戲不是適合任何玩家,如果你只會玩COD 系列, CS系列 或者任何CASUAL FPS,很抱歉,這個遊戲你完全不適合你。如果你有玩BF系列,這個遊戲如果有免費時限(FREE WEEKEND) 你可能要試玩一下,因為完全不是BF一樣的,你也可能喜歡,也有機會放棄。 如果你是ARMA 或是 HARDCORE SHOOTER 的朋友,這個遊戲就是你的菜。


SQUAD is the Battlefield 2 (2005) Project Reality MOD creators another standalone game. This game is successfully to bring all of the stuff from the Project Reality MOD. For the gameplay, Squad leader is the main character on this game. Squad leader is the commender for leading your team to achieve the victory. They will place the Rally Point for your squad to respawn. They can also build the FOB to make the small base for respawning and resupply. Also, Communication is the most important thing on this game. If you don't have any communication with your squad, I'm surely you cannot do anything and KILL IN ACTION (KIA) in the battlefield. And then, you will say this game sucks and quit. So, Communication is the important thing on this game and you can learn your english communication skill easily.

Finally, This game is not suitable for everyone. If you loved Call of Duty series and Counter-strike series or CAUSAL FPS, sorry, this game is not suitable for you. If you loved Battlefield series, this game maybe suitable for you, you should try it if there is a free weekend time. If you loved ARMA series and HARDCORE FPS (INSURGENGY OR Rising Storm). Congratation, you should purchase this game.

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