Kent, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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Information about myself
:mgsurprise: Who me is :mgsurprise:

nememe welcome to me steam profile

:ssorano: You can call me Remi

:sclovestruck: Me age is 25

:shigure: Me gender is Male

:sgsmile: Me sexuality is Heterosexual

Words to describe meself:

:bluerollball: Vivid []

:bluerollball: Cheerful :lismile:

:bluerollball: Euphemistic []

:bluerollball: Honest

:bluerollball: Chatty (if we get along :shino_cb1: )

:bluerollball: Lewdie :wsma_embarassed:

:bluerollball: Fast Responder (most of the time)

:Thunder_Girl_2: Me dislikes :Thunder_Girl_2:

:enemycube: Controversial Topics - me not smart enough to start one of those and me nu cares :mgconfused:

:enemycube: Sports - never been interested in them :sad1:

:enemycube: Internet memes - Inside memes, accidental humour and unexpected humour is what me find funny (sentence mixing is a great example) :kumiko_cb1:

:enemycube: Competitive games (e.g PUBG, CSGO, FORTNITE & ETC)

:enemycube: Talking about foodies (me a picky eater so talking about food will be very boring...unless its kfc)

:cry: People me will nu accept :cry:

:tryagain: Insecure profiles (profiles that talk about suicide, worthlessness, fake friends and etc. Sorry, me nu want to accept people full of negativity and pass it onto me :xnico:)

:tryagain: Profiles that only contain pc specs and/or csgo crosshair settings (that nu helps me with knowing u)

:tryagain: Furries (they make me uncomfortable :think:)

:tryagain: Private profiles ( you could be a big bully if u hide yourself from me :konoka:)

:tryagain: Meme profiles (me has had meme people in the past and have been very toxic so me not comfortable if u is very memy)

:tryagain: Friend Collectors ( me check me activity feed every time me accept someone and if me see you adding more than 5 people daily, me won't keeps u as that means u nu wanted me as an actual friend, just for ur friend collection :erune: )

(note ^: I've gotten more strict with friend collectors, I'm not only removing but blocking you if u don't message me within 24 hours. Please just say something even if i'm offline so I know you actually want to be friends, it's just stupid to add someone just to look "popular")

:tryagain: Profiles under level 10 (because u most likely won't have info about yourself)

:wsma_happy: Additional info :wsma_happy:

:sanae: Me is an open-minded person so if u wants to know something, me will give u me opinion, but nu ask if u worried about drama

:Mayu: Just like a lot of people, me has issues trying to think of stuff to say so me just sends random pics from time to time if me is comfortable with u

:scgabrielhmpf: Me is quick to know if we click from our communication after me accepts u

:RemiliaScarlet: Information when adding me/being accepted :RemiliaScarlet:

:sclovestruck: u has a higher chance for me to accept u if u has an anime profile as that tells me we has something in common

:scmitsukipout: if u has been offline for a long time with nu explanation, me might remove u as me has nu idea if u is ever coming back

:boredk: If u adds me but me nu gets any response including if me messages u first, expect me to nu longer be on your friends list

:wsorano: If we has a too big of a time zone difference, it will be very difficult to have a time with chatties, so me sorry if you're from a country with an awkward time zone compared to mine and i'll most likely won't be able to keep you.

Thankies for reading me profile :ssorano:

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RTXhana Jul 28 @ 2:29pm 
cuddle me.
Cinnamon Jul 23 @ 2:28pm 
intive em ot gpro
Uncle Dasgor Jul 23 @ 2:23pm 
invie to my pgro;
Fobe Jul 23 @ 2:21pm 
You're invited to my group.
lilac Jul 11 @ 3:43pm 
I feel pretty lethargic on Thursdays but Mondays still take top spot for me :lunar2019piginablanket:
Cuddles Jul 11 @ 3:39pm 
for me it's thursdays that suck