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Oh God, they're all dead.
"It's not survival of the fittest, it's the death of the weakest." - Jim 'The Wilk' Beanson
"I can't feel my legs." - Pete Wilko
"Bingo go get your lingo" - Peter Wilkers
"Toejam and Earl" - Ozymandias
"give me ONE reason I SHOULD go to the toilet" - Billy 'Bouncer' Beno
"Scummy toe" - The Binman 'Big Bill'
"You're in for a world of REDACTED" - Error 1/1/1970
"Stop screaming cock a doodle doo or I will rip your tongue off." - Carl Cock Muncher
"Get the REDACTED away from me you toe wrangler" - Big Billy Benson
"The walls are bleeding and only I can see it" - Jimmy Jones (from down lake)
"What's cookin' good lookin'" - Emmet Till
"1 2 3 you heard me, TOILET TIME is on SALE" - Boney Bill
"Yo yo yo yo i am bro bro bro" - Fat Jim after getting a shiner
"Ugly bastard I want to witness you combust" - Grassy Charles from (from the barn in chongville)
"I'm making more." - The typewriter from the 'Grief for Beef Office' from down lake
"Yes, we must compromise on a constitutional monarchy" - Smacker 'Trogger" Slimey (From the drought)
"Can I borrow a quid for a luco" - Josh 'Dripper' Johno
"This vape has THC oil in it." - Grond (from the pond)
"You are one deformed fucker." - Greasy Groper (After eating his forwarder)
"Don't be a tenderfoot" - Ponging 'Popeye'
"Nice teeth" - The dentist (from down east)
"I am starting to see this demon for what it really is." - Grey head
"Do you want to buy a bueno?" - D.R (Alias: 'The Grafter')
"MEOW! This Tiger's loaded!" - Winston Churchill
"From down lake" - Fisherman (from in lake)
"He came as quick as he left" - Dickinson's Real Deal™ after failing to sell a genuine bad breaker.
"Funny little creature reacts to sad song... must see" - Darling Dingo Dancer (From the 'Crusting Crack" pub)
"Yellow belly" - Man with a yellow belly. Must say it was really convincing but he pulled out the child in the end because the rouse was up.
"The glass house stores pub massacre on brewer street was a disaster and I think you should be sectioned." Plug man sam the electrician who jimmed my jams
"Nice slug, be a shame if a pug pug the cat and and and and" - Carl 'Crunch' Smacks
"Hand it over." - The shiner.
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scottpott8 Feb 22 @ 8:18am 
god hates my guts
THE ONE THE ONLY Feb 4 @ 12:27pm 
spiked me swigger with lsd and lets just say i had a BAD trip. ♥♥♥♥ flooding the floor up to my knees. When it finally wore off, i had soiled myself and beat my mother.
scottpott8 Jan 24 @ 12:58pm 
Tatterdemalion Jan 16 @ 2:23pm 
beast mentality Jan 16 @ 2:14pm 
well i'm back from down lake and what a trip it was i shared my bifta with you now i give you: BENITO MUSSOLINI
Grass Block Dec 23, 2019 @ 3:14pm 
This bugger is getting nothing but hp brown sauce buttys for his dinner ho ho ho merry vinegar