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If I go offline for entire days, it's because:
A. My connection got cut.
B. School obligations Posponed due to them COVID Behind The Pandemic .
Srrey >.<


- "Sonic & The Secret entrance to hell's lowest Rings" -
Gordon Freeman The Annoyance (2019)

- "So
what could Gordon say instead???

Horse :cozyjunimogreen:es" - Me & Gordon Freeman the Annoyance (2019)

- "He is not a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ friend" - DJ Green Apples (2018)

- "Make use of those people on that mystical list you have!" - DJ Green Apples (2018)

- "Atleast I have commen sense..." - DJ Green Apples (2018)

- "And remember: TO THE GODS OF VIDEO GAMES I SALUTE TF2 OF GABEN" - DJ Green Apples (2018)

- "GABEN YOU ARE NOT SAD TODAY" - DJ Green Apples (2018)

-"Deer god" - DJ Green Apples (2018)

- "Chargasm" - DJ Green Apples (2018)

- "Does not compute" - E-102 Y (Sonic Adventure DX)

- "Because DoN'T JuDGe Me It'S CeWL" - Gordon Freeman The Annoyance (2019)

- "Anyways
the air smells like nothing" - Gordon Freeman The Annoyance (2019)

ORGASM" - Gordon Freeman The Annoyiance (2019)

- "We can all agree that game was a STREAM

Gordon Freeman The Annoyance:
not Dreck
PLAYING IT!!!" - Me & Gordon Freeman The Annoyance (2019)

- ":cozyjunimogreen:
Apple apples..
MADE AN APPLE PYRAMID!!!" - Me (2019) (I swear, without the quotation marks it IS a pyramid 3,:)

- "My life is AINIS
just random ♥♥♥♥♥" - Gordon Freeman The Annoyance (2019)

-"/)─―-ヘ   _/    \  /    ●   ●丶 |       ▼ | |       亠ノ  U ̄U ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄U ̄
disjointed messo" - Gordon Freeman The Annoyance (2019)

- "I think you said that Rockman 3 is pretty fun (at times), so it's a Rock'n Rollercoaster" - Gordon Freeman The Annoyance (2019)

- "HMM YES THIS IS BIG BRAIN TIME..." - ArsenicCatnip :33 (2019)

- "I think I'm feels a little sleepy" - Gordon Freeman The Annoyance (2019)

- "I didn't gave a stroke" - Gordon Freeman The Annoyance (2019)

- "a little
coincidence." - Gordon Freeman The Annoyance (2019)

- "automagically*" - Steveskeleton (2019)

- "a CHARGASMIC HOLYDAY?" - Gordon Freeman The Annoyance (2019)

- "because dat don't exist" - Gordon Freeman The Annoyance (2019)

- "a chargasmic nocturnal emission" - ArsenicCatnip :33 (2019)

- "Jack-in-a-punch
We shall call them" - Gordon Freeman The Annoyance (2019)

- "kidney stone moment" - ☼ the sewer pig (2019)

- "Getting an add for a game and its playing some rock music and whenever the singer says "I'm gonna rock you" the player character just crushes someone with a rock" - NerdCuddles (2020)

- "He [Jollibee]'s a mascot, not a hero.
Sorry if I was a Buzz kill" - Gordon Freeman The Annoyance (2020)
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WELCOME TO CHARMYLAND!!! (Sonic Unleashed Reference)

My life in a nutshell.
Me attempting anything.
N 0 ! TELL HIM I'M NOT HERE! TELL HIM ANYTHING JUST d o n ' t l e t h i m i n ! ! !

Hey there kids! Fartnut in a nutshell!

Mcqueen's Party is in hell

So, you stand on the edge of the D O W N W A R D S P I R A L , have we gone too far?, are you ready for the next step in the evolutive chain?, are you ready to ascend to unknown levels of connection with each other and the cosmos itself?..
Well... We're still REAL far from that. BUT IN THE MEANTIME! I can provide some info about me and ♥♥♥♥! Howo cool is that, eh? �ω�

░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃
◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤ The H.E.C.U Marine forces have blocked this part of the infobox section, proceed with caution or pick up an RPG to not get blown!

К А Р Т О Ш Е Ч К А (Potato)
П О М И Д О Р К А (Tomato)

Information Terminal Number 01

Gaming Skill: [Poorest] ◙▬▬██▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬◙ [Highest]

Money Spent on Steam:

$261.25 (USD)

Some "True Blue Sonic Autist" who is also a VALVe fanboy/Valvedrone in the full sense of the words. Hope you can deal with it! ;33
I can HARDLY take ♥♥♥♥ seriously, so please, have what I lack: patience.

You MAY comment in my profile, even if you aren't my friend! ;33

What?, this IS my personality? Nuff said: Here it is! []

:cozyhitman2: Name: Charmy, but you may call me "Charms". OPTIONAL NICKNAME: Chargasm UwU.

:Quack_Quack_Boom: Annomalies: ADHD (extremelly light); Wild obsession with VALVe propierties; Unusual affinity with the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise. Please send help >.< '

:cozyhitman2: Occupation: Attempting GMod mapping; animator (lame): professional ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and ♥♥♥♥♥♥. �ω�

:Quack_Quack_Boom: Whatz for Lunch?: French Fries, donuts, chicken and fish nuggets, cheese, cooked steak, bananas, chocolate milk and potato chips.

:cozyhitman2: Personality

:Quack_Quack_Boom: Me Liek: Fellow VALVe drones, Sonic (& Knuckles), Half-Life, EmpLemon, an0nymooose, food, randomstuffs, RPing, swimming, running, GIANT SEMI-TRUCKS THAT CHASE YOU DOWN HILLS! , Moonbase Alpha, ANYTHING VALVe, fellowo Furfags, metallic copies of blue hedgehogs and the fiery brother of a certain Blue Bombarder �ω� .

:cozyhitman2: Me NU Liek: Ignorance, bad grammar, Bronies, FNaF fanboy children, modern YouTube, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, The "Sonic Storybook" games, Modern Sonic/SEGA's state overall, sadness, being lonely, Sonic 4 Episode 1 and...... Losing good friends...

(Info Database is being contantly being updated, wanna suggest a new category? More info on certain areas? Comment down below! ^ω^)

Fursona/RP Characters Info

For the time being, I have expanded and changed the main cast as fleshed them out as I could, so for now, I don't think it will all fit here, maybe I'll find an alternate route to get the info across someday? :cozyhitman2::Quack_Quack_Boom: Update: Getting to draw what I can, exept it isn't even of the "continuity" of characters I'd use anyway... F
Last Update: May 28th, 2020.

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Gio_TheSpooky Oct 19 @ 5:14pm 
gaben me uwu
CharmyTheCharizard Oct 19 @ 4:49pm 
Gabenism forbids cheating in VALVe products
CharmyTheCharizard Oct 19 @ 4:49pm 
I don't cheat but I do mispam from time to time
Gio_TheSpooky Oct 19 @ 6:19am 
I'm also putting into consideration that you are part of the Myg0t group. Not charmy.
Gio_TheSpooky Oct 19 @ 6:17am 
You're not lying, Are you?
CatholicGod Oct 19 @ 5:41am 
-rep This person was cheating with his friends. I saw him spinning and headshotting everyone. Please report this person.