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Hi : ) , I wish you good health, abundance, and hope every problem you're going through, will get a solution as soon as possible. We all have problems, I understand you... I want you to be happy and enjoy life!

Here's a secret to have everything

Did you know that we all are energy? On a quantum level. We all are energy, all and everything is 99.99999% energy and 1% matter... The difference between us and everything. Is that we have concience! Wich means we can manipulate energy to get what we want, A.K.A manifestation.

So, ¿how do I to manifest everything I want in life?

Let's put for an example, you want money, you wanna have alot of money... But you keep trying to have money, by selling stuff, working really really hard.. but you don't get the ammount of money you want... What you do? You have to visualize the money... Yeah as it sounds... Visualize yourself counting how many dollars you wanna have, $100? $1.000? How much? It's important to know how much... Visualize every day yourself counting dollars. And that's how
you focus on the energy of it... Instead of focusing on the matter. This is called cause and effect and cause an effect...

¿What's the difference between Cause and effect and Cause an effect?

-Cause and effect, it's a life rule. You want something from outside, to cause an effect inside of you (in this case, the emotion of happyness)

-Cause an effect, it's when you feel the emotion already inside of you (the emotion to have money, feeling abundantly) to get the effect outside, in this case, have money.

-So as we said, Lets call This guy James. James wants to have money, and he tried his best to get it. But he still being poor, that's because he's focusing on the exterior, to cause an effect in his interior(happyness, abundance). Then somehow, he start changing himself, he visualize how many dollars he's counting on his hand... $13.000 dollars. Pretty much right? He must feel abundantly. At the same time when he visualize, he feels the emotion of having that money, he feels rich, abundantly... At that moment, he connected with the energy of money. Then few weeks later he bought a pizza and he saw lottery tickets... He said "why I don't buy one, I never buy lottery tickets because I don't feel like I will win" AT that moment, he thinks in a new way, he thinks with abundance. Later the ticket got stuck in the pizza on the car. His family ate it, and then they scream "HOLY CRAP, JAMES, OMG YOU KNOW FROM WHO IS THIS TICKET?" he said "yeah I bought it", "YOU WON $14.000 DOLLARS!!!" , James was shocked... He got more than he expect..... The situation found him!

The same way James did... Why don't you too? Start changing your perception of things in life, start displaying the things you want.. and feel the emotion like you already have them, somehow, the situation will find you, or you will find him, you will be dragged to it, just like a magnet, became the magnet of everything you want to attract that thing to your life!

Law of Attraction, same thing, different way!
Law of attraction is a law that is working all of the time, for everyone of us... You attract what you think, you do, and you feel. Here's an example...

-If you keep thinking to travel to Italia somehow, the universe will manifest that situation to you. Someone wants to travel to Italia and he invite you! Someone gift you a ticket to travel to Italia, there are millions of possibilities. The universe is the one who owns this rule.

-If you give someone a gift, you will receive it back, disguised in life situations, because you gave that gift with love, happyness or abundance. So as the law says, you will attract those things to your life. For example, you give $10 to your friend who just needs $10 to pay rent. What means that? That means you give abundantly... Feeling abundance and love for your friend... And how he will pay you? He can invite you to his house, eat together, have some fun, there's a lot of ways he can pay you, who knows how! Don't think the "how" he will pay you, just feel grateful and abundantly for the act you did. Somehow the universe will thank you back.

-If you feel happyness for something, like a birthday... That emotion will attract more things to make you feel more happier than before! That's the way the universe says "here, I'm proving you that you are attracting this"

It's like a coin

Same way, but with negative things...

-You think alot about a problem that hasn't exist yet. Like your girlfriend leaving you... With the time, the universe will manifest it, just as you expect, he says "here's a proof that you attracted what you think all this time". Be careful with your thoughts!

-If you hit someone, that act will attract the same thing you did, but disguised in life situations, for an example: You hit your bestfriend for not adding you to the group, then later, when you're in your house, your brother is mad for something you did and you didn't know, guess whos gonna pay... you. Be careful with what you do to others!

-If you feel with lacking. You will attract situations in your life to make you feel more lacking, lose your job, your wife, your friends, don't have food, even your house. Be careful with your feelings/emotions!

He doesn't care if you attract negative things

-He knows you, he knows your feelings, but he can't make life easier and manifest everything we want in life. It has a time to test ourselves... It's all in your hands, you decide what to attract... Love, abundance, joy, happyness, gratitude. Or sadness, problems, discussions, lacking, poverty, economy problems, depression, etc.


-Everyone is a reflection of you. Your friends, girlfriend, pets. Everyone is you, what you do to others, you do it to yourself.

-visualize is much different than imagination... If I tell you to imagine a lemon... Ok, you did it, pretty easy right, when I ask you to visualize a lemon, you have to feel the texture, look at the color of it, take a bite! When you feel that acid taste in your mouth, even if you don't have a lemon in your hands, it means you just visualized a lemon to the point to feel you already ate one!

-The power of the mind... the subconscious, is really incredible, I've met people who cure their cancer by the power of visualize. It's truly one of the most powerful and amazing mysteries of life...

-When you're borned. Your feelings are in automatic mode. That's why you're easy to get mad, sad, happy. Start being awake, start knowing your feelings, be aware of what you feel 24/7! It will surprise you.

-If you need help with anything, problems, health, friends, stuff, family, personal problems, money, items, scamms, etc. Let me know, add me, or talk me on Instagram.

-If you wanna change, but you keep stuck in feelings of the past. You will never advance/progress in life, because you're stuck in the past to old emotions/situations/acts. ¿How you expect the universe helps you if you keep thinking in the past? Change now!

I hope all of this helps you, and share it if you feel it can help someone too! Have a wonderful day, and wish you my best for the best!

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