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First, I'm female and I'm awesome, and I might kick your ass in a game. Please be OK with all that. I can't think of a reason why anyone would NOT be OK with it ...but some people have had an issue in the past, so just saying.

Second, if you add me as a Steam friend, I have a few expectations:
1. You are willing to introduce yourself, talk about games/your hobby (in text chat).
2. You looked at my game list and have determined there's some co-op games we share (or could share).
3. You actually want to play said games.
4. Your motivation for adding me as a Steam friend is to make a friend and possibly have a co-op partner to play games, but nothing that extends past that.

If all that sounds good, maybe I'll see you around? :)
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Macedon attacks with some light infantry in Divide et Impera
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Update: Made this a negative review due to the recent change in the EULA that forces users to opt in to data collection. However, the actual game is amazaing, review below....

As of the time of this review, I have 609 hours into this game, and I still consider it very replayable, with strategies and discoveries to yet be uncovered. Age of Wonders 3 is perhaps the best 4X strategy game made in the last 5+ years, and having played many 4X games, I don't make this claim lightly. It's like Battle Isle and Civilization V had a baby. While you will find the city planning elements lighter than Civilization V, you will find the actual unit combat far more interesting and varied, and overall, the amount of strategy and tactics in this game, for a TBS, is just mind blowing given also how accessible it is to someone new to the series.

So what makes this game so great? First, this game is an anomaly, in that, it's like a game from the 1990's era golden age of computer gaming, but...done today with today's graphics and today's polish. There are no micro-transactions. The base game offers HUGE amounts of content, with nothing really cut-out. The major DLC for this game, "The Eternal Lords" is a real, legitimate expansion like developers used to make, adding tremendous additional value and replayabiltiy.
...completely worth every penny, and you should get that as well.

What you will notice first is that while this game is incredibly deep, and complex, it also has a thorough mouse fly over pop-up window system, in that you can hover your mouse over literally anything and get detailed information about something. If the pop-up isn't enough, you can often right click and get more information, often with fun quotes, and additional lore. There is also a great anthology of rules, systems, and game concepts available in game, that is both fast and local (unlike say Total War games that directs you out to a slow and painful website). Rarely, if ever, will you be asking yourself "What does this do" or "Why did that happen?", as you can immediateley dig a bit and find out right through the games accessible UI. The overall feel is highly polished, and is clearly a beautiful and rare labor of love.

The AI is also surprisingly competant without cheating. While you can allow the AI to cheat, on a resource gathering level, if you want, when it comes to combat, even then, the AI tries to beat you through sheer, chess-like maneuvering. It doesn't cheat the RNG rolls, it has the same hit percentages, the same battle limitations, etc. It's units are not buffed, and work the same way they would for you, if you had those units. When you lose a tactical battle with the AI, it was because you messed up.

Finally, the game design itself is brilliant. The designers use the fantasy motiff to create an intricate system of units with a massive range of capabilities...forcing the wold be general to worry about things like elven archers, teleporting wisps, undead that resurrect themselves over time, cannons that shoot holes in your formations, fire breathing dragons that fly, bards that charm your men, trolls that regenerate...the list goes on and on. Every battle will have you thinking about new tactics and new synergies with your troops, heroes, and spells and you encounter literally hundreds of variations.

Finally, the multi-player aspect of this game is very fun and well designed. While it is turn based, it has a workable simultaneous turn system. ...but it doesn't stop there. It also has a play be e-mail system ....and it still doesn't stop there. You can even play multi-player HOTSEAT! Who does that these days? Like I said in the begining, this game is like a game from the golden age of PC gaming, and what it offers, for it's price, is frankly, going to shock you.

While I have closing on 300+ steam games, and I'm a extremely stingy shopper and will often only buy games on sale. I often troll humble bundle. I stopped buying Early Access, I won't pre-order, I won't buy a season pass, and I won't even look at a game that hasn't run a gauntlet of reviews and gotten at least a "mostly positive" from Steam users as well. My favorite kind of game purchase is the "Game of the Year Edition", which I often get as I'm patient and I will wait over a year to get it.

All that said, if Triumph Studios were to release a new game tomorrow for pre-order, with DLC and a season pas, I'd buy all of it, instantly. You just can't go wrong with this game, and these developers are the last few of a dying breed of once, great, truly inspired, game creators.

Edit: Having recently read that Triumph studios were purchased by Paradox, and personally owning Universalis IV, Crusder Kings II, and Stellaris (all from Paradox) ...I would no longer immediately buy a sequel to this game or the DLC. In fact, if Paradox policy is employed, I would expect the DLC to be really cut down, over priced, numerous, and necessary to continue to play the game.

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MassMurder Jan 4, 2016 @ 4:48pm 
Long time no see. Please move your tank up! LOL
I hope everything is going well.
Karma Sep 18, 2015 @ 2:53pm 
Read your review on EQ Landmark, I got the refund also when Smedly offered it! So glad I dodged that money grab, but soo disappointed. I had hoped Landmark would have been so much more and now they destroyed my trust in the EQ brand. Thanks for posting.
Cody Jan 7, 2013 @ 10:37am 
Dota 2 is the stand-alone version that Valve is making at the moment. So, no need for Warcraft 3 at all. If you're not interested in playing feel free to give it to one of your friends. Valve has been giving out tons of these codes out lately .:P
MassMurder Nov 4, 2012 @ 1:49am