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Mar 19 @ 12:40pm
In topic Steam deck problem
The gear compare card overlap each other and can't see the numbers. This is when the resolution ratio is set to 16:10. When I set it to 16:9, it solve the issue but the screen become having black bar at top and bottom. It's kind of annoying not full screen. Any one have any workaround and fix to this? I want to play this with full screen and not having black bar on top and bottom.
Mar 19 @ 12:34pm
In topic Unplayable on steam deck
The game hang and make the whole steam deck crash which need to be hard reboot (by long pressing the power button). Every 5 to 10 mins it crashes. Starting the RAM is less than 5GB,then every min it increases till around 12 GB it crash and hang. All buttons including the steam button is unresponsive. I'm playing on my PC there is totally no problem.
It need the fix in steam deck ASAP.
Originally posted by 💕𝓯𝓾𝓻𝓯𝔂:
Rollback drivers are pretty recent, they don't affect anything.
it don't when u only play origins or older games that release in 2019. Recent AAA games need latest driver.
Mar 16 @ 12:38am
In topic Constant crashing after latest update.
me too. everytime during fast travel. And when loading saves files.
Upcoming game requires latest nvidia driver in which nvidia engineer will confirm release new driver to support new game. So if u going to play AC origins, u need roll back and then re-update new driver again when u play new game THEN VICE VERSA EVERYTIME. Its 100% much troublesome. Nvidia and ubisoft need to see this and get a fix ASAP because new AAA game is coming soon.
Originally posted by CursedPanther:
Theoretically no game requires 'the latest driver'. However a newer driver version does feature more bug fixes on paper or even fixes for specific games. You just need to find the version that cover most of your frequently played games without issues.
"most frequently played." I have more than 10 of it currently playing. Check out my steam games. so this fix of rolling back driver is not feasible.
The game hang whenever i dive into water. Either from leap of faith or just normal dive into water. The sound is still playing but the rest totally hang and can't respond to any key press. I had to press the window key and force quit the game. There is no error msg.
Everyone says the easy fix is to roll back the NVIDIA driver. However, why no one mention that what about other games? Other games requires the latest driver. So everytime i want to play other games i had to update latest NVIDIA driver and when i want to play AC origins i had to roll back then vice versa everytime? LOL.
Everytime after death, it crash to desktop.
Everytime during fast travel it crash to desktop
Everytime tried load manual save it crash to desktop.
Basically if there is loading screen (the black screen with spiderman icon on bottom right), it will crash.
There is no error message. I've tried verify steam game files and reinstall.
Originally posted by BlastThyName:
specs ?
i7 12700k
RTX 3080ti
Installed on SSD
Whenever i go into game by loading my manual save, it go to the loading screen as usual (little spider web wheeling at bottom right), then crash to desktop with no error msg. And when i die in game, it should load the last save, but it crash to desktop. But if i load the game using the last auto save, it does not crash. I updated my graphic driver, verified the game file using steam, restart my PC still same. Other games have no problem.
I'm new to entire atelier series. I'm interested in ryza only. Due to the reason I might not have so much time playing finish the first one and go to the 2nd.

I know that it's good to play 1st atelier ryza as the past events about friendship connections and their growth is linked to atelier ryza 2.
What about the plot, story, objective and mission of Atelier ryza 2? Does it closely link with 1? Like example marvel movies end credit scenes, it leave fans with questions mark about upcoming marvel movie. When next movie out, it gave answer on the end credit scene of previous movie. The end credit scene is atelier ryza 1 and the linked movie with that scene is atelier ryza 2. Is that the case?
Mar 5 @ 9:27am
In topic new comer question
Originally posted by jclosed:
Well - As it is the third game in a series it's inevitable you will get references to events that happened in the past. As the game is not yet released, it is impossible to know how strongly those connections to the past are, but that "ending of a story" vibe is at least a give-away.

Personally I have played all games in order, and while you can argue each game is stand-alone-ish, you undoubtedly will have more fun when you play the games in 1,2,3 order. The first game lays the base, explains how the relation has grown from when they where very little, explains things that happened far in the past and why things are now how they are. The second game shows us how the "friends gang" has grown and matured a little. The mysteries they solve has strong connections with what happened in the first game.

The upcoming game will be a culmination of all the events that happened in the first two games. Probably you will meet people and get references from events from the first and second game, that have no impact if you did not played the first two games.

Of course you can play this 3th game as stand-alone, because most times you get a brief explanation about past events and persons like in all GUST games, but the catch here is in the "brief". It explains a bit, but it will left you with question marks about details.

At the end it's your choice of course, and if you only want to play this last game then there is nothing that will hold you back. But as said - It's a part of a trilogy and, let's be honest, it is just more fun to play the full trilogy in the right order.

Originally posted by Taiver:
Play number 1, was my first atelier game and it sucked me into the series pretty quickly. Great game, great mechanics and great story so i highly recommend it, plus as a bonus you will know the origins of the characters and when you play number 3 you will enjoy it alot more. Another posibility is you hate number one, in which case you know you wont enjoy number 3 likely.

Originally posted by omed_86:
It certainly helps with the story!
This question came up before with Ryza 2, and the short version of it, it was very nice for me to see returning characters, seeing them grown up, and what have they been up to... etc.

It also helps that all 3 games, look about the same graphically/technically. From what I've seen of 3 anyway. So it won't feel very jarring should you decide to go back and play older games, even after 3.

When I got into the series, the 2nd game was already out, but I decided to start with the first one anyway, and glad I did. Also because it was cheaper then hehe

Originally posted by LazarusAD:
Yes and no. Each game is stand alone and does not require playing any other in the series. Everything you need to know about the Ryza 3 plot and characters will be introduced while playing Ryza 3. However, you won't get the same feels and backstory by not playing the first two games.

I realised all of u mentioned it's about the link with the past events about friendship connections and their growth. U all missed the important points, what about the plot and story and objective and mission of the new upcoming 3rd series? Alright it's not out, so maybe we go back to ryza 1 and 2, does ryza 2 story plot etc (as i mention above) closely link with 1? Like example marvel movies end credit scenes, it leave fans with questions mark about upcoming marvel movie. When next movie out, it gave answer on the end credit scene of previous movie.
Mar 1 @ 6:07pm
In topic new comer question
i never play any atelier series before. For atelier 3, is it a must must to play atelier 1 and 2 first before playing the new upcoming 3rd?
Feb 20 @ 10:36pm
In topic Ps5 dualsense edge controller no sound
Feb 17 @ 2:35pm
In topic Ps5 dualsense edge controller no sound
I don't owned a PS5 console.
I connect my dualsense edge controller wired, disable steam input, and go to controller main settings in steam, it shows PS5 controller connected and "Playstation configuration" box checked.
The adaptive Triggers resistance works but quite faint. However there is totally no sound coming out from the controller speaker even I press my ears on it. The only sound coming out is from my external normal speaker.
I check my windows 11 sound setting, my wireless controller appears as speaker and is working. I also press "test" on the controller speaker windows setting, first it does not do the "chime" even I saw the green bar sound frequency go up. After 2 secs it makes the "chime" but very soft till I need to bring it close to my ears. I did up the volume to 100.
I did change the in-game audio controller setting to "speaker"
Any fix or advice to that is appreciated.
Feb 15 @ 2:23am
In topic Help me please! could not open odyssey
Originally posted by UbiMark:
Originally posted by animal_PLANET:

You do not have to completely turn off. Just add an exception to the real time protection rules and firewall. Use it for your game/s directory to avoid any issues like this.

I use Norton and all my game install paths are excluded from real time scans. Do that this way you are still protected.

Hello animal_PLANET,

Thank you for sharing this!

@ScarletAsuna - can you please confirm if you tried this solution, by any chance?

Many thanks!

- Ubisoft Support
I did add the path to real time exclusion. But I don't think that solve the issue. I did open steam using administrator (by right clicking), and odessey able to play using that method. I remember there was an update to windows one of the day and oddesey could not open the next day. The rest of the games I do not need steam to open as administrator. Is there any fix to that? Because if I set steam to open as administrator, whenever my PC start up, it will not auto start.
Feb 9 @ 7:15pm
In topic Help me please! could not open odyssey
updates: i found a solution. When i turn off windows security real time protection and firewall, exit steam and re-log in, then AC odyssey can be open.
Feb 9 @ 7:10pm
In topic Help me please! could not open odyssey
Originally posted by UbiMark:
Hello ScarletAsuna,

Thanks for reaching out and I'm sorry to hear that you are unable to start your game.

Can you please perform the steps provided by @animal_PLANET? In addition, can you also follow the steps listed in in this article[]? It will help to eliminate any potential software conflicts.

Many thanks and if you have any additional questions, please let us know.

- Ubisoft Support

I had done all the above. Still could not open odyssey. This is the first time i had this issue, i have been playing this for 3 months straight and had no issue opening it.
Feb 7 @ 9:04pm
In topic Help me please! could not open odyssey
When i press the green "play" on steam, the icon shows its running. Then nothing happens. After 2 seconds, the steam odyssey icon goes back to "play" as if i never press the play icon. I had no issue with ubisoft connect, its open and i can launch AC Valhalla (brought from ubisoft connect directly) normally. I also tried launching odyssey from ubisoft connect, nothing happens. I tried reinstalling odyssey (brought from steam) and restarting PC , game still can't open. There is no error msg and no system hang, its just will not open. I have no anti-virus program installed. I have steam deck and i can launch from steam deck normally (at that issue my steam deck is off).
Jan 28 @ 6:51pm
In topic In-depth reviews if you should buy
Originally posted by Fluffy:
Originally posted by SunderMun:
Another would be those reviewers who give the new Pokemon games 7,8,9 out of 10 despite their very obvious problems that don't allow them to be good.

same will happen with Hogwarts Legacy in 2 weeks, It will get amazing reviews no matter how it plays out

If hogwarts legacy have bugs on day one (which most new AAA game High chance will have) and IGN give very high score, obviously u know it's straight up biased. Want to bet?
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