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Personal Achievements

Notorious A.C.

Completely fill the character notebook.
0 / 98

Demon Duster

Unlock all details for all non-boss bestiary entries.
0 / 276

Darm It!

Complete Ys II on any difficulty.

A Legend Is Born

Complete Ys II on Nightmare difficulty.

Fireball Wizard

Complete Ys II Time Attack.

Keep the Doctor Away

Scatter apples violently across the floor, most likely bruising them horribly.

Bill the Duck

Receive money from a duck.

Revenge of Sworded Details

Receive a free Short Sword.

What the Legends Don't Tell You

Burn 50 villagers.
0 / 50

Gila's Monsters

Eliminate all the monsters in Gila's basement.

The Hand That Feeds Them

Make all the animals in Ramia Village absolutely adore you.
0 / 4

No Reservations

Receive and eat four unique homemade food items.
0 / 4

Timestop Understanding

Ensure that Maria is not amused.

Police Are On Their Way

"Measure" Tarf.

Personal Trainer

Raise Tarf to max level.
0 / 25

Juuuuust Right

Sleep in three women's beds.
0 / 3


Oh God make them go away!

And Your Children's Children

Slaughter ten generations of gatekeeper.
0 / 10

Where's Aldow?

Find and speak with Aldow.


Max out your money.
0 / 99,999

Set Sail For New Adventure

Master every achievement in Ys II.
0 / 20