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Personal Achievements

Hello, My Name Is Adol

Completely fill the character notebook.
83 / 88

Monster Masher

Unlock all details for all non-boss bestiary entries.
82 / 180


Complete Ys I on any difficulty.

Into the Sky

Complete Ys I on Nightmare difficulty.

Bump Master

Complete Ys I Time Attack.

Sworded Details

Receive a free Short Sword.

Seriously Sworded Details

Receive a free Talwar prior to entering the tower.

The Pim's-Lower Approach

Drive a hard bargain with Pim.

Some Kind of Sorcerer

Confuse and astound the townsfolk.

Forever Level One To Me

Level-up Feena.

Hey Baby, What's Your Width?

"Measure" Feena.

I Can't See You, But I Can Feel You

"Measure" Feena in the creepiest way possible.

That Wacky Minstrel

Rescue Luta Gemma from monsters in the field.

Poetry In Motion

Listen to Reah recite her poem.

Adol the Wall-Crusher-Enabler

Make Dogi break through three different walls.
0 / 3

Gold Is the New Silver

Max out your money.
75,249 / 99,999

Esteria, We Hardly Knew Ye

Master every achievement in Ys I.
0 / 16