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sisyphean labor

How's that supposed to help?

mnemonic device

Help the old man.


X marks the spot.

Lady Justice

Justice prevails.


Defeat the Mother Superior.


Find the right path.

hoo hoo

Hoo hoo. Whit woo. Terwit terwoo.

loathing mini games

I hate mini games!

déjà vu

I think I've been here before ...

coffee junkie

I need more coffee! More!

the convent

Finish chapter one.

Edna's hideout

Finish chapter two.

the asylum

Finish chapter three.

fast learner

I don't need no tutorial!

multiple endings

Multiple endings? I need to see 'em all.

row master

Row, kid! Row for your life!

pizza time

Did someone here order a pizza?



sun king

Even the sun follows my command!

electric shock


Quick Time Event

They don't really have quicktime events in this game, right?

99 (red) balloons

Floating in the summer sky.

hare scare

Defeat all Harveys.

short arms

Lilli's arms were too short.

cell song

I hear someone singing ...

fight club

If in doubt - give him a clout!

super girl

That doesn't apply to me.

shibuya power

Shibuya power!

role play gamer