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Unlocked Jul 27, 2014 @ 10:16am

Your New Employer

Meet Redbeard.

Tested By Fire

Get your main character to level 10.

True Power

Get your main character to level 20.

Perfection Achieved

Get your main character to level 30.

Irritable Reptile

Calm the dragon Zhethron. For the first time.

Peace Within the Pact

Show that Holklandans and the Kellem can work together.

Big, Bigger, and Biggest

Eliminate the threat to the Kva.

Back In the Fold

Bring all four of your allies back to Avadon.

Big Game

Hunt down the greatest prey. (Normal difficulty or higher.)

Nathalie Will Be Pleased

Send Beloch the Scourge back where it came from. (Hard difficulty or higher.)

Wall Spots

Found a secret door.

Don't Taunt Dragons

Showed the ogres just how foolish they were.

Shadow of the Woods

Hunted down the Shadow Beast.

Experiments Concluded

Purged a tower of its unspeakable experiments.

Lone Justice

Cleansed the Beraza Woods of bandits.

Avadon's Gaze

In the Farlands, no foe of the Pact can be left standing.

Leave Them Where They Lie

Reach the endgame without ever using a Resurrection scroll. (Normal difficulty or higher.)

Anvil Apprentice

Augment ten items.

Pay Your Respects

Locate the crypt of the Keepers.

Don't Bug Me With Your Issues!

Reach the endgame without ever making one of your companions happy. (Normal difficulty or higher.)

Without a Scratch

Reach Castle Vebeaux without one of your characters ever going unconscious. (Hard difficulty or higher.)


Augment 50 items.


Find all codex entries.

Take Only What You Need

Reach the endgame and never have more than one character beside yourself in your party. (Normal difficulty or higher.)

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