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Team Player

I spend time with my colleagues

Get to the point!

Photographs, shmotographs! I wanna play, dammit!

Scrapped and Trashed

A contemplative day at the fjord

Lone Wolf

Nigel will do fine without me

Radio Operator Fay

Good training pays off

A New Team

Finished Chapter1: Leaden Air

Explorer of an Old World

What a strange animal!

Journeyman Saboteur

Diaries are Cruel

Engineer Fay

Who needs a manual anyway?

You Call That Service?

Quickie endured

Expert Saboteur

Finished Chapter 2: A Night In the Global

Agent Agitator

Making Oggy see red

Kidnapping with a Twist

Finished Chapter 3: Rude Awakening


The crowd's going wild!

Insignificant Details

Bugging the doctor for no reason

We do this on OUR Terms

Finished Chapter 4: The Conference

Welcome to Atlas

I'd prefer a friendly handshake

On All Frequencies

I just like this phone


Doctor Hinrichs is not impressed

No Shame


Mission Impossible

Made the impossible...possible. Somehow.

The End's Beginning...

Finished Chapter 5: Atlas, Part I


Bid an old companion farewell

And it just gets worse!

Finished Chapter 6: Atlas, Part II

What can go wrong now?

Finished Chapter 7: Bent Svensson Is Dead

Modern Times

A piece of advanced technology competently handled

Prince of Tides

We can do this without climate change

World's Savior...

...or maybe not?