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Personal Achievements

Complete Homeworld

Completed the homeworld.

Complete Organic

Completed the organic zone.

Complete Ocean

Completed the ocean zone.

Complete Ice

Completed the ice zone.

Complete Mechanical

Completed the mechanical zone.

Complete Electrical

Completed the electrical zone.

Complete Game

Completed the game.

Marathon Run

Reached the 9th arena in Lantern Run.


Found all artifacts.


Uncovered 100% of the map.


Scored one million points in Lantern Run.

Fully Loaded

Fully upgraded your ship.

Apprentice Hunter

Defeated the first boss in Shadow Hunters.

Journeyman Hunter

Defeated two bosses during one match in Shadow Hunters.

Master Hunter

Defeated four bosses during one match in Shadow Hunters.

Sweep Up

Score 250,000 points in Shadow Hunters.

Cleaning Crew

Score 500,000 points in Shadow Hunters.