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Stay in drugs, eat your school, don't do vegetables.

Rules :
:notebook: - If you want to be respected, remember to respect me.
:notebook: - Only add me within reason, please don't have a private profile.
:stop: - Don't add me unless you're Steam Level 10+ and own a game with 100+ hours. Some exceptions can be made
:notebook: - Any malicious comments will be removed.
:notebook: - Any scam attempts will end in you getting blocked and reported.
:stop: - Don't ask me for free items.
:notebook: - Sending me malicious links will result in you being reported and blocked.
:notebook: - If you spam me you'll be instantly blocked with-out reasoning.
:stop: - Don't add me if you're VAC/Game Banned. Some exceptions can be made
:notebook: - Please be patient when you're in contact with me, I don't always respond instantly.
:notebook: - Give me 1-2 days to accept your friend request.
:stop: - Don't invite me to any steam group without me asking for it or you'll be removed as a friend.

Useful Stuff :
Discord: Cazes#0001

PC Specs -
:LightBlueCube:BMW i8 4 cylinder 4.2 liters
:LightBlueCube:GTX RX 480i Gaming Pro Edition CPU
:LightBlueCube:12TB GDDR5 and 256MB DDR3 1337 Mhz
:LightBlueCube:500YB SSH
:LightBlueCube:OS : Doors 10
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Created by - HiisiPeikko420
Have you ever felt frustrated while playing cs? Well then... This guide is for you!

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