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#85 place Worldwide | Turbo Dismount "Chicken" Level (Achieved 9/6/2018)

#104 place Ninja Girls / Girls x Battle S120 Top Floor

>10.000 views Guide Holder (Achieved 22/12/2018)

#250 place Worldwide | Fallen Princess Arena Mode (Achieved 24/5/2018)

Miss you, Fallen Princess group:
Paupine, SR
Domovoi, SR
Jackie Frost, SR
Foxstone, SR
Vulpus Aqua, SR
Ariterasu, UR
Sakuya-Hime, UR
Christmas Wreath, LR

There are more than 300 hundreds more, but this will be it.
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Hi, i’m Casual/Syaro_3/Aurora05
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CPU: AMD E1-2100 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics 1.00 GHz — don’t laugh at me.


Oh boy. Let’s learn something about me, shall we?
This is the first version, so it might be cramped and all. Just so you know.

I’m Casual, made this Steam account back on the 25th of april in 2014. This was my post-retire from ROBLOX. I didn’t really use this account until i decided to stop playing ROBLOX in October 2014. I relied on Garry’s Mod and Turbo Dismount and was a brony at the time. I wasn’t the one to talk alot or explore anything in the community, so i didn’t have many friends.

Around middle 2014 to begin 2015, everything changed. I hopped onto the FNAF Fandom and left the MLP fandom (which was the best choice i probably made) and got to experience the new community. It was a real hype waiting for FNAF 2 at the time and i made a decent amount of friends, one of the most memorable was Go Getter Girl, who sadly locked herself down to an account named Noneya. I checked in March 2018, but her account wasn’t in the list anymore.

I eventually met bi and The Mangle™️ (who i suprisingly still have in my friendlist) and that was a real breakthrough. I also met a few others that don’t really matter because they kinda broke down from me in the same period i added, but here i’ll mention them: DiscordMelody snd Spooooopy.

After a while, the FNAF fandom was doomed. It broke down and i left at the release of FNAF 4. I scavenged through other fandoms (Furry fandom) but they didn’t fit me. I found out i really liked Yandere Simulator and got dragged in the Anime fandom. I didn’t like manga or anime shows at the time. This went on for a while.

Important things happened around the summer of 2016. In June, Caniscas came to existance. Caniscas was a big step and i’ll never forget it. I didn’t expect to go 160 < members though. Thank you all for that. July 2016: I was done with Yandere Simulator because i missed some video’s to watch. My BIG project was in-build: The Many Species on Steam Guide. Now around 7.000 views. I was finally specializing in something: guides. Months after that, October 2016, the Caniscas Discord server got created and i was preparing to move from The Netherlands to Switzerland, but due to the country being too expensive, i was going back. I returned in March 2018, and only went to Switzerland on vacations. Same locations, same memories.

June 2017 was another breakthrough. The Caniscas Discord finally got active and i got responsibility to be Moderator on and on zMadZeus’ Discord. zMadZeus Discord was left behind and i got working on RabiDB. I was primairily being a bug finder, and with no doubt i found many. In November 2017, i got working on both RabiDB and zMadZeus’ Discord. But that was my fall. The RabiDB Discord got created and i became sloppy, eventually seperating AlexSSZ and me away. (I still want to thank AlexSSZ and it’s community. Sorry for my sloppiness.) My RabiDB account is now covered with silence by having a dot as username and deleting my comments. I will never return to it. On 2 April 2018, i finally left. The way i left is described by the part i said i used a dot as username.

zMadZeus’ Discord went on the other hand better than ever. I worked hard enough to get both the game (that was with the Discord) and the community running. I guess two jobs volunteering isn’t working. I am now Head Administrator and Organizer. The Caniscas Discord got inactive again by a re-organization. On 7 April 2018, this became fatal and the almost two years old Caniscas community was gone. Three days later i began from scrap. The group lost it’s 25 June 2016 name and went to 10 April 2018. Several days after, Caniscas: AFCP was made to compensate against Cassy’s dictatorship. In July, Cassy became irrelevant and the Discord server became a downgrade of the original one.

That is me. I probably missed some events that happened.

Thanks for Reading! Nice to meet you!

~Casual, Syaro_3, Aurora05

Memorable Quotes
If you want to reach your goals, then WORK for it! ~ AlexSSZ | November 2017, Founder of RabiDB []
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A recreation of the original GMod map: scp_354, now with alot of trees and other buildings. The travel distance to the rollcall post might be far away, but you shouldn't be wasting time doing anything different anyways! Just don't get lost in the North-Wes
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Created by - NuclearGhost and Syaro_3
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Cancer Is Casual - Public Group
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Slendytubbies III - Campaign
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Do you want to have an icon of a character which isn't an official avatar? Now you can with these icons.

My Twitter: (For announcements and sneakpeaks.)

Credit to RabiDB [] for the icons!

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