i'm very busy and hardly online nowadays. post below why you're adding me or else i will not accept invite.
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Oniko Feb 28 @ 11:37pm 
hoping to offer on the roboactive rack, got pure in hand
www. Feb 15 @ 1:05am 
hey was hoping to offer on your yellow belt. Have pure to offer. Cheers
fred Feb 9 @ 4:26pm 
sorry bud, but that way too low for me. CS.TRADE Feb 8 @ 5:00pm 
Shaman for sale? I can offer 600 keys pure or crypto :chocola2:
fred Jan 27 @ 11:28am 
unlikely I'll ever sell but always open to offers
⎝⧹ Eye 👁 ⧸⎠ Jan 26 @ 7:45am 
veil on sale?