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Hello all.

Doom Eternal has improved a lot from the previous game, the campaign is so much better. It brings back some old school enemies and makes life that little more difficult and intense without taking away the fun.
There are some cool additions to the weapons and upgrade systems which i feel are much better than the previous doom, especially the super shotgun (Big Bada Boom!) which is just a beast!
As always the graphics and gameplay is fast, smooth and sexy af so you will definitely love the missions, however, the one downside i'd like to note is there is a lot of platforming going on throughout the campaign which i'm not a big fan of, aside from that everything is hunkey dorey.
Rip n Tear my friends, Rip n Tear.

And just to add, i'm not much of a lore guy but i think this reveals a bit too much of the doom slayer and his background.

Online Battlemode/PVP
I wasn't a big fan of the previous pvp in doom 2016 but man, battlemode in this for me i just think is terrible.
I'm not great at it anyway but it gets boring fast with zero variety and communication between players is just rubbish, once a game ends it cuts you off back to the menu to go search for another match, it doesn't just flow into another game.

Also with this game they added events so you're able to unlock icons, skins and stuff like that by gaining exp within a certain amount of days. The great thing about this is you can gain exp towards the events from both the campaign and pvp.
For pvp itself or battlemode as it's called there is no levelling system like in doom 2016, so no armor piece unlocks or echelon levels which is a shame really, but there is a game wide levelling system that also unlocks icons etc but its a bit meh. Bring back the previous pvp i say.

Tl;dr Superb campaign and improvement over the previous doom, but battlemode/pvp sucks and is a big downgrade imo.
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