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Posted: Apr 15, 2016 @ 2:37am

Dark Souls III is everything you wanted from the first Dark Souls, and leaves out what made you dislike Dark Souls II. While I will continue playing this game even after completing it; I wanted to give you guys a proper review.

  • Environment is breath taking, and puts the earlier Dark Souls games to shame in comparison.
  • Far more interesting enemies than humans in armor, including bosses.
  • Nostalgia is strong with this game, and you'll love every reference thrown your way.
  • AI improved dramatically, so enemies are going to give you a challenge.
  • Weapon variety is great, which also applies to armor.
  • Armor cannot be upgraded, so wear whatever you want. Fashion souls is back!
  • If you love exploring, this game will consume you. Easy to get lost in.
  • So many shortcuts, secrets, illusionary walls, you'll always stumble on something new.
  • Co-op is easy to access, and hardly any problems with the server.
  • Character creation offers a ton of options for making your character stand out.
  • Each weapon has a special ability, making each one unique on it's own.
  • NPCs are really developed, and don't stay in one spot. They're also very likable too.
  • Quests are back, so you can go back to certain areas and activate new events.
  • If you like horror films, this game has some nightmare fuel for yah.
  • Can now get your flask out during a fight without searching through slots (hold down on down depad).
  • Replayability is a solid option for sure. You'll most likely have multiple playthroughs.
  • Enemies don't despawn, so you can grind to your heart's content.
  • Your covenant changes the kind of invader you are (sunlight makes you a golden red phantom).
  • Soul Memory is gone, so get as many souls as you want for upgrades / items.
  • Four endings to earn, each offering a strong impact to the story.

  • Heavily influenced by Bloodborne's mechanics, so most enemies are fast & furious.
  • Enemies don't really have a stamina limit, so they can spam their combos for awhile.
  • Lack of spells, hexes, miracles, and pyromancies. They're all cool, but not many to be found.
  • PvP is sluggish, inferior to Dark Soul 2's PvP which was fun and balanced.
  • Certain enemies can't be beaten unless you have certain items or do certain tasks.
  • Game can feel short if you don't take the time to explore any optional areas.
  • Until you reach more than half way into the game, weapons are hard to upgrade.
  • Too many ambushes, which leaves you less surprised when it happens again.
  • Most enemies have higher poise than you, so you're going to be dodging / blocking more often.
  • Game is more demanding with graphics than Dark Souls 2, so you might need to turn certain options on low.
  • Certain areas make the FPS drop, or lag so be ready for that.
  • Tends to crash now and again, depending on what you're doing.
  • Covenants are weak, and not satisfying to rank up in.
  • Invasions / invading isn't fun because again PvP is sluggish, wonky and poorly done.
  • NPCs can die easily from anything, so an enemy can kill them during mid conversation.
  • Ember is hard to find, but luckily helping hosts gives you one per successful mission.
  • NPC enemies / invaders deal more damage, have more HP & poise than you. Unfair.
  • Can lose the chance on getting items / armor if particular quests failed.
  • Greatswords and weapons alike are either weak or OP, there is no middle ground.
  • Game rewards you for being aggressive & spamming over thinking carefully like previous games.
  • Luck is useless due to the fact you can grind enemies without them despawning.

Is Dark Souls III worth getting? YES. It's an excellent game and despite there's a lot of issues I have here and there with it, they did an excellent job making this game spectacular. NPCs are engaging & very interesting, bosses along with nearly every enemy possess unique designs, almost all the weapons are handy in doing something useful, co-op is very enjoyable to be a part of, scenery & the setting is absolutely beautiful (even in the areas meant to look ugly are appealing to the eye), and each build is going to be fun to experiment with. Granted, it's a shame that the game wants you to play it like you're in Bloodborne instead and most of the enemies are way to hostile & fast for their own good, but otherwise this game is a solid 8.5 out of 10 for me. Worth full price, plus we haven't even gotten the DLC yet! Hope you guys were able to get most out of my review, and please feel free to ask me any questions about the game!
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OnionBro Feb 7 @ 7:19pm 
I do agree, alot of spells are pretty useless, there is stil alot of great ones' though.
Caramel Frappe Jan 4 @ 10:31am 
@OnionBro: While Bloodborne isn't bad whatsoever and does make enemies more challenging, there was a lot of people at the start complaining because our character doesn't have those mechanics + abilities.

As of now, there are more spells in this game than the previous games. Sadly, only a hand full of them are useful or unique (most Miracles are the same with Heal, but that's more of a nit pick than anything).

Eh, Dark Souls 3 PvP has it's flaws. Sure it feels more smooth and all, but because people can spam roll like crazy, it's not all that great. Either both people will roll around until someone gets careless or the dude who has a better weapon that abuses hitboxes will win. I still enjoy PvP, but I feel personally, Dark Souls 2 did it best because you had to watch your stamina bar and fight wisely, plus poise did matter while in this one, hyper armor isn't always consistent with what will stun the person or what won't stun them.
OnionBro Jan 4 @ 4:45am 
And PvP isnt sluggish compared to DS2, its fast and fluid.
OnionBro Jan 4 @ 4:43am 
And there is actually more spells than the previous games, they just did away with hexes.
OnionBro Jan 4 @ 4:42am 
Most of your cons are made from not being aware and paying attention, and why is being influenced by Bloodborne bad?
Starknosan Feb 27, 2017 @ 4:57am 
great review! Helpful and good reading
shalashaska Aug 7, 2016 @ 2:47am 
@Frappe and Suplex - I mostly faced faith based invaders in pvp scenarios that had high hp and damage resistance, and great rolling / backstabbing skills. Casters were not much of a problem for me as a greatsword weilding tank with no magic / faith skills whatsoever.
Caramel Frappe Apr 22, 2016 @ 1:03am 
@SUPLEX: I hosted fight clubs quite often in Dark Souls 2 and there were more cleric builds than any other build I faced, but you aren't wrong about a lot of casters being in the game. Still, not sure how that wasn't fair for PvP since most casters were quite squishy (most is the word I want to emphasize on).
biracial cuninlingus Apr 22, 2016 @ 1:00am 
Mardu . Anti Apr 21, 2016 @ 10:01pm