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I am 5.9 Feet tall, Have very dark brown hair, Mocha colored eyes, Caucasian, Born in the USA California, Part German and Irish, A Christian in Faith, and Overly Kind.

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Here's Fire Keeper having a Caramel Frappe. I admit, this is mainly an edit so I can show off the picture on my profile, but still worth it!
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Ever wanted a weapon that could punish Havels, yet be fast enough to match the speeds of any Swordsman who spams the Sun Sword? How many times have you tried making an excellent build, only for a naked Undead duel wielding Mundane Daggers to wreck your cra
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Note: I will not be reviewing Dark Souls: REMASTER based on the game itself, but rather, what it offers in comparison to the 2011 version. Despite being a huge fan of the series, I will not be biased when stating my opinion on this Remaster.

  • The graphics have improved quite nicely, 4k resolution is a great touch.
  • 60 fps, making the gameplay smooth and incredible to experience.
  • No more lag spikes or frame drops anywhere, even in Blighttown.
  • Particle and lighting effects have improved and stand out way more.
  • A stable server so it's far easier to connect with other players.
  • A system to hook up with your friends through a password.
  • Certain tweaks so people cannot duplicate weapons or cheat now.
  • You can now consume multiple souls and rank up covenants at once.
  • As a phantom / invader, you can now heal yourself with Estus.
  • Certain items moved around so you can get them earlier on.
  • You can now change up your inventory border to suit your screen.
  • Loading time is very fast, sometimes almost instantly on PC.
  • Not a single crash throughout playing, while 2011 version crashes at times.
  • You can now choose which covenant to be in while sitting at a bonfire.
  • Certain textures are now more detailed, so you can tell what they are now.

  • Nothing new with enemy placements, the game's layout is exactly the same.
  • Can abuse the AI to make the game much easier than needed be.
  • Being able to summon up to 3 phantoms makes boss fights a joke.
  • Invaders will not have fun like in DS III because of host + 3 phantom ganksquads.
  • Chain backstabs are still a thing, very annoying to have in PvP.
  • Dark sorcery is still OP and can one shot high vigor players.
  • While i'm happy to see poise again, GiantDads / Havels abuse it in PvP.
  • No improvements to covenants, even the Gravelord covenant is still a mess.
  • Due to the 60 fps, certain attacks from enemies will be faster than usual.
  • Twinks are still a thing, end game gear on players to abuse low level players.
  • Cheaters exist, fought a guy with infinite health even through backstabs.
  • No import from DS III / DS II mechanics into DS whatsoever, a missed opportunity.
  • Costs $40 if you don't own the first game, $20 otherwise. Seems greedy.
  • Despite the 4k looking great, you can tell the game is outdated with simple textures.


Dark Souls is a masterpiece, and will always remain the top games in history for me (top 10 at least), but honestly? This Remaster feels like a patch. Yes, a $20 patch that could of been updated to the main game for free. It's $40 if you don't own the original Dark Souls, so that's a slap to everyone's face that wanted to see why everyone loves Dark Souls so much. While I do love the 4k graphics and 60 frames, the Remaster doesn't deliver anything speical overall. Felt like a quick way for the developers to get some $, knowing people will mostly want the Remaster for PvP purposes since the server is alive and much better to connect with people.

History repeated itself when they released Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin. All they did with it was move around enemy placements, tweaked a few things, and added a bonus invader / boss for the price of $20 too. A patch that could of been done for free. The only reason why i'm giving this one a pass, is that at least the Remaster comes with improved graphics and 60 fps that you can't help but admire deeply. Worth buying if you want to relive playing the first game with an active comminuty again, but otherwise? Not worth, just stick with the 2011 version .... oh right, they're removing it from Steam. Sorry guys.
OnionBro Jan 4 @ 10:42am 
+Rep, nice guy.:cupup:
Outplayedx Dec 29, 2017 @ 2:39am 
You've got a promising career in the arts! Also love (and live by) your personal motto on your escapist profile :okey:
Outplayedx Dec 29, 2017 @ 2:28am 
Yes sir! And have platinum'd SotFS on PS4 (at which point I asked myself how the hell I played through DS2 with a kb/m!). I'm embarassed to say I haven't played DS1. Even with dsfix I felt it to be too clunky, but I like to think that that's just coz I've been spoiled by the newer entries :/ Kudos for achieving the quadfecta!
bottomless pit Dec 28, 2017 @ 4:50pm 
Holy cow, those achievements mean you're some sort of masochist or just insanely good at games. Props to you. :thumbsup:
Kobe Bryant Sep 11, 2017 @ 7:03am 
A really great person made me genuienly happy.
kurwa matka.(𝒞𝓁𝒶𝓃) May 10, 2017 @ 12:53am