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Hiya. I break stuff to use as other stuff. I've been working with Source for roughly 10 years. I came up with the proportions workaround for Source in 2014 after exploiting source's animation blending system with additive delta animations. Since the engine has animations that aren't just rotational but also translational, this helps cheat custom bone locations for things such as height. I also accidentally created a shadow effect now used on Shadow Miku. I have all kinds of other experiments and features that never saw the light of day and were either never finished or were scrapped. These include but aren't limited to: limping animations, responsive voices, responsive animations and face flexes, a system for manual saccades, and more. If VRChat is included, I worked on a custom unreleased shader in Unity for handling proper toon / anime shading.

Now currently hosting basic internet through my phone. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done and lets me finally work on stuff again after spending 4-5 months with no internet, unable to upload stuff.

LINE: CaptainBigButt
Discord: CaptainBigButt#9180
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CaptainBigButt 8 feb om 17:31 
hmm, I really should put something in my profile above stating that for some reason steam no longer notifies me of profile comments

anyway I honestly haven't done much for gmod, let alone source in general, nor have I ever used blender really

I'd be happy to help you work with it but I'm in the <1% that doesn't use blender (I use 3ds max though, never made it far enough into maya)

you're welcome to add me on steam if you so desire
inaba 8 feb om 9:13 
Greetings! I appreciate your work (installed pretty much every Miku one you have), and I don't want to bother you (I'm sure you're busy with other things), but do you happen to take requests for Garry's Mod playermodels or simply a model of a character? I can't seem to find a single model of this person (the one in my picture, Inaba Himeko, probably because she's from an obscure anime) on the internet, and since most of my background knowledge on modeling is for Autodesk Maya when I had it, I have no idea how to use Blender outside of simple shapes and rigging a skeleton to a model that doesn't exist sounds difficult. Thank you for your time, and I'm willing to take no for an answer, sorry again if this is bothersome (seems like you get a lot of requests).
Phantron0X 7 feb om 11:03 
Hello! i wanted to know if isn't too much trouble if you could help me to identify a last problematic detail in a model of gmod what im working, you really are my last hope in it, i can show you more details of that in PM :c

thanks in advance and regards
Momo 3 feb om 21:39 
Hi, I saw you've worked with Misaki in the past for proportions on this model ---> ( And I was wondering if you still have the MMD zip file. It would be a huge help if you do, or have any info on it!
TheDizcordumSeventh 30 jan om 19:26 
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Gr8 Beyond 30 jan om 9:22 
need a help on setting up a model for l4d 2 i hat some problems with crowbar and with some bone weights on hair / skirt i could realy use your help