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Anyway here's my other account that u can add and play together with :3

:2016trophy:Uplay : WrencH_Zz
:2016trophy:Origin : WrencH_Lmao
:2016trophy:Blizzard : BakaBeanz#1528

Another account will be coming soon!
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Me Lyf
Welcome To My MotherFucking Profile
Hi! My name is -A- and im from Jakarta. I like playing Online Games, Listening Music, Doing Sports, and ofc......Wanking :2016yeti: JK LMAO XD
Don't play with me when i have internet problems and FPS drop :steamfacepalm: If u guys have a tips to increase FPS and how to get lower PING just comment on my profile. THANKS!:DSTtophat:

Facts About Me
:2016imnotcrying:Greedy Eater
:2016imnotcrying:Meme Guy
:2016imnotcrying:Asshole & Noisy ( When u already close with me )
:2016imnotcrying:A friend who can u trust
:2016imnotcrying:A friend who can u talk with, when having problems
:2016imnotcrying:A friend who can u chat anytime
:2016imnotcrying:HANDSOME AF, AYY LMAO
:2016imnotcrying:Art & Photography Lover
:2016imnotcrying:TWENTY ØNE PILØTS & EDM fanboy
:2016imnotcrying:Smart but lazy ( That's what she said )
:2016imnotcrying:Likes to fool around
Still a child ( Mentally ), "But why change? When you still enjoying your childness" -Unknown

What They Say Inspire Me
:emofdr: Think Different -Steve Jobs
:emofdr: If you can't make it good, at least make it look good -Bill Gates
:emofdr: A day without laugh is a day wasted -Charlie Chaplin
:emofdr: Whatever u are, be a good one -Abraham Lincoln
:emofdr: It's okay to be failed, you can always begin again -Buddha
:emofdr: No matter how hard u try, u can't escape your past -Joel
:emofdr: Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. Don't stop questioning -Albert Einstein
:emofdr: The beginning of purpose is found in creating something that only u understand -Tyler Joseph
:emofdr: I'd rather be hated for who im than loved for who im not -Kurt Cobain
:emofdr: Where there is love there is life -Mahatma Gandhi
:emofdr: The best way to predict the future is to create it -Peter Drucker
:emofdr: Money is nothing -Supa Hot Fire
:emofdr: Sometimes is better to be ALONE, no one can hurt you :2016skull:

Gaming Setup That I Use
:hardpunch:Razer Mamba Tournament Edition
:hardpunch:Razer Lachesis ( Backup Mouse )
:hardpunch:Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mousepad
:hardpunch:Razer Kraken
:hardpunch:Asus A455L ( Not A Gaming Laptop )
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Mohon maaf di remove friendnya, dikarenakan sudah lama tidak aktif di steam dan slot friend sudah penuh, jika butuh sesuatu silahkan add kembali, atau bisa hubungi kita di :

:gbullet: WA : 0896-5710-4925
:gbullet: Line : aartama
:gbullet: https://www.facebook.com/aartama

:p2aperture: :p2aperture: :p2aperture: :p2aperture: :p2aperture: :p2aperture: :p2aperture: :p2aperture: :p2aperture: :p2aperture: :p2aperture: :p2aperture: :p2aperture: :p2aperture: :p2aperture:
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This confirms that Maxim has been here and that you are awesome! :heart:
:csgogun: From the Counter-Strike YouTuber w/ tutorials & tips known as www.bananagaming.tv

:arrowright: PS. Go Bananas! :mm_bananas:
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