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Myxine, Queen of the Seas
Mora, Swirly eyed Vampire

Chromatus: Exhausted Aug 7 @ 11:34am 
Hey Velu. How’s life? Everything ok over there? Just checking in on my friend.
Chromatus: Exhausted Jun 30 @ 10:04am 
Update: Sorry to say it seems she’s blocked me so it’s back to waiting for her to be the one attempting contact. Sorry Obsidia.
Chromatus: Exhausted Jun 23 @ 1:57pm 
We just got to wait and see if she’s in the diplomatic mood. Oh and I saw a bear. Thought you might find that interesting.
Chromatus: Exhausted Jun 22 @ 6:57pm 
Well Obsidia. I’m gunna try and rebuild things with Myxine. Perhaps things will work out. Wish me luck.
Chromatus: Exhausted Dec 24, 2018 @ 5:45pm 
It a wonder frost can walk at all with those flotation device.
Chromatus: Exhausted Dec 15, 2018 @ 10:05am 
So some recent infromation has come to light.... you know how your stipulation was to rebuild bridges? Turns out there wasn't even a bridge to begin with how can I rebuild something that actually wasn't there? Cause it makes this entire process that much more difficult. Suggestions?