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About this guy

Age: 17 (September 11th)

Name: Brandon

Discord: CannyCanne#0774

Sexuality: Bisexual

Roleplay: I do roleplay, but no erp!

Personality: "I tend to be a sensitive person sometimes. I get jealous pretty quickly and upset over it. I can become frustrated easily, and usually don't take care of my feelings the right way. Though, I do try to be the happiest I can be!"

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Character Info


Full Name: Cannelle Von Booperstein

Age: 17

Species: Fennec Fox

Gender: Male

Occupation: In his first year of University

Appearance; He stands at 4' 5", on digitigrade legs. Other than his pure white chest and cheek tufts, he had no markings. His fur was A deep red (110,10,15 in RGB for anyone wanting specifics!) it was also rather long, fairly thick. He had a large chest tuft, and was rather scraggly yet soft, almost like a pillow! He had long hair aswell, though it was more like a mane than anything else, going down his neck and back like a messy slick-back.

Of course, two large ears sat atop his head, little ear tufts protruding from inside them. With large eyes, one of them (His right) was a deepish purple (95, 40, 210 in RGB) and the other a Cinnamon brown. Adorning his muzzle was a little black snout.

On his right thigh, there was a scar of three large clawmarks, though he usually tried to cover it. His usual attire consisted of a size-too-small t-shirt, which fit his lean, feminine form, and tight jeanshorts that did the same to his rump. When he was cold, he'd wear a baggy, dark jacket, a similar kind of shirt underneath, and another tight pair of jeans. And when he was 'feeling' it, he'd wear black/red stockings, and arm warmers, with any assortment of rather lewd clothing, and usually a matching pair of panties to go with~

References: Blep! [] By Sock
Stump Sittin' [] By Waffle
Plush Canne! [] By Kyrosh And gifted by Silver <3


Full Name: Irene

Age: Somewhere in her early-mid 30's

Gender: Hermaphrodite/Female

Species: Arctic Fox

Occupation: Trickster, Magician, Card and Poker Player

Likes: Large sweaters, Fancy Top Hats, Wine

Dislikes: People playing with her hair, getting a trick played on her

Appearance: Standing at a rather impressive 6'5, (For a fox, anyways) she was well-built. A pretty, hourglass frame, and a lightly toned stomach. Her fur was rather short at most times, though grew during the winter and fall, and was a nice, cold blue/purple color. Her face was rather soft, with a purple snooter. Her eyes were a more shiny, almost glowy kind of violet, with darker slit pupils.

In contrast to all those rather dark colors, her hair was a wonderful, silver color, and reached all the way down to her hips/rump. Much of the time, it would simply be out, flowing down her back, though sometimes she would style it into long, thick braids, or a simple ponytail. (Despite it's length, somehow she made it work)

As for her outfit; She would generally wear a tight, button down suit, although with a few of those unbottoned, and a similarly small pair of dress pants, (On Plantigrade legs) rather well at excentuating her backside. She'd usually wear a white undershirt, as well, which was somehow tighter than the suit, though only a little bit moreso. On her feet she wore a pair of black heels, which just made her, to her delight, that much taller. Occasionally she would wear a dark tophat, matching the rest of her attire, though not too often. Around her neck she wore a red poker chip, usually stuffed into her shirt. On it was a pentagram, with a little 26 in it (Strange number for a chip, even)

Lewd Stuff: Large, C-cup breasts, wide hips, 11in peen, large balls

References: Queen [] By Me
Unamused [] By Sock

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