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My Computer Specs:

CPU: Ryzen 7 3800X

CPU Cooler: Deepcool Gamer Storm Castle V2 240 RGB AIO

RAM: Corsair Dominator DDR4 2x16 (32gb) at 3200MHz

Motherboard: MSI B450 Tomahawk Max

GPU: MSI Ventus RTX 3070

SSD: Corsair Force Series MP510B M.2 NVME 1TB (with an EK M.2 Heatsink)

HDD: Seagate 6TB BarraCuda 3.5" Hard Drive

PSU: Corsair RM750 Gold 750W

Case: Corsair 4000D Airflow

My Peripherals:

Mouse: Razer Death Adder V2

Keyboard: Steel Series Apex 7 Cherry Red Switches

Headphones: RIG 800HS Wireless Headset

Microphone: Hyper X Quadcast USB Microphone on a Rode Microphone Boom Arm

Monitor: MSI MAG271CQR QHD 144hz Freesync Curved 27in

My Favourite Games Currently:

Escape from Tarkov

Dark Souls 3

Elden Ring

Team Fortress 2

Some Of My Best Achievements:

On June 10th 2021, me and my business associate founded CapyHub [].

I am a professional AGS 30mm user on Escape from Tarkov and have won 4 professional AGS 30mm Tournaments in my 2000 hours of the game.

:china: Glory To The CCP! :china:
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AGS30 Capybara
What is a Capybara?
The Capybara is the largest rodent in the world and is native to South America, they are an awesome animal that is very docile even in the wild but can still be aggressive if you get too close to a herd during mating season or when there are babies around.
Capybara are very passionate creatures that love scratches around their leg joints, belly, chin and behind their ears, while being scratched or just being in a good mood Capybara will let out a deep kind of chuckle meaning they are happy while a higher pitched chuckle normally means they want food or are trying to communicate to either you or other Capybara. Another way Capybara communicate is with barks and squeaks, Capybara mainly bark when there is danger or are unhappy and squeak as a call to other Capybara but is manly used by babies to call for their mother.
The average lifespan of a wild Capybara is 5 to 7 years but can live up to around 11 to 13 years for captive Capybara which seems quite short but Capybara reproduce frequently and it takes around a year or 2 for a newly born Capybara to become a grown adult (while still being considered young). Capybara love to mark their scent everywhere using their morrillo which is a gland on the front of a Capybara just behind their nose, there are small detachable hairs on a morrillo which produce the scent that they rub on objects.

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Canny 13 hours ago 
i wouldnt be surprised if you are the person who pulled out murky on me half way through the fight
Chicanery 13 hours ago 
very good trader +1 rep
QuckHead Jan 19 @ 3:05am 
So you're acknowledging that girls are inferior to men on average? I mean why would your sex make any ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ difference otherwise.
OWO Jan 19 @ 3:02am 
trashed on by a girl yikes.
Canny Jan 10 @ 9:57pm 
QuckHead Jan 10 @ 8:59pm 
Based indian. Chinese players should take note.