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R.I.P Domochi (July\23rd\2018) we miss you.
In non-Steam game
"Hah! Do you remember nothing of honor? Of glory on a battlefield? You, who would parley with the humans, who allowed warlocks to practice their dark magics right under our feet? You are weak.
Hahaha... fool! My dark shaman have twisted and tortured the elements for miles around! They cannot hear you now. Once again you prove too weak and powerless to do anything.

We are the Orcish Horde, the True Horde! We die, bloody and thrashing on the field of battle, like true orcs should! You are an orc no longer, and speak for none but yourself. You betrayed our people to forge your fragile alliances, and I will take great pleasure in tearing them apart.

I won't let MY people starve to death in the desert. I will stop at nothing - NOTHING - to ensure a proud and glorious future for the orcs and anyone with the courage to stand with us.

Doubt is for the weak! Fight your fears! Conquer your hatred! This is but a test of our strength. We will pass this trial, just as we have passed others.
We will survive because we must! The Horde will prevail!
Our suffering is at an end. When this war is won, our people will see prosperity at last.
We are the HORDE. We are slaves to nothing and no one!
I will burn away any remnants of weakness within us.
When death arrives, will you stand and face it or kneel in defeat?

I, Garrosh - Son of Grom - will show you what it means to be called Hellscream!
We will destroy the Alliance and claim what is rightfully ours. Let our song of victory begin.
If our enemies should choose to push us, we will drive them into the ground!

So, you wish to face off against a real orc warchief. So be it.

Anger, hatred, fear, they are weapons of war. The tools of a Warchief. Yes, yes... I can see it now. I can see the future of this world. A world ruled by the Horde, my Horde! The old one calls to you. The heart will be your end.
See the visions of fear, despair and doubt as I have. You will be trapped for eternity. The true horde will come to pass, I have seen it! It has shown me! I have seen mountains of skulls and rivers of blood, and I will have my world!

You think you have won, you are blind. I will force your eyes open! Behold, my glorious destiny!
There is no place for you in my world. I will destroy everything you have ever loved!

My people should have taken this world long ago, during the First War! But they fell to corruption in their weakness. They allowed the pitiful races of Azeroth to join the Horde. I will succeed where they have failed, and no power in this world can stop me!
All will fall in the name of Hellscream!

For the true horde! Blood and thunder! Die with honor! The power flows through me. The power to crush your world, and everything on it. Lok'tar Ogar!

No, it cannot end like this. What I...what I have seen? Nooooo! This world, is my destiny! My, destiny..."

R.I.P Dᴏᴍᴏᴄʜɪ (Jᴜʟʏ\23ʀᴅ\2018)


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